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AOSAmerican Orchid Society
AOSAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (TV series)
AOSAce of Spades (gaming)
AOSAdjustment of Status
AOSArea of Separation (US DoD)
AOSArt of Skateboarding (collecting)
AOSAlpha Olefin Sulfonate
AOSActa Ophthalmologica Scandinavica (Wiley publication)
AOSAlabama Ornithological Society (est. 1952)
AOSAffidavit of Service (legal document)
AOSArea of Study
AOSAccess Optimization Service
AOSApple Online Store
AOSAll Optical Switch
AOSAdd-on Software
AOSAdvanced Operating System
AOSAir Oil Separate
AOSAgent Oriented Software (various organizations)
AOSAssociate of Occupational Studies
AOSA.O. Smith Corp. (Milwaukee, WI)
AOSAdditional Optional Services (various organizations)
AOSAerobics Oz Style (TV series; Australia)
AOSAdministrative and Operational Support (various organizations)
AOSAcquisition Of Signal
AOSActa Oceanologica Sinica (Chinese Society of Oceanography)
AOSAmerican Oriental Society
AOSApparent Opening Size (US standard sieve)
AOSAustin Osman Spare (artist)
AOSAria of Sorrow (game)
AOSAdministrative Office Systems (various organizations)
AOSAtmosphere Ocean System
AOSAttack on Sight (gaming)
AOSAdministrative and Operational Services (various organizations)
AOSArea Of Specialization
AOSApraxia of Speech
AOSApplication Object Server
AOSArmed Offenders Squad (New Zealand)
AOSAdd Or Subtract
AOSAmerican Orthodontic Society
AOSAlways On Server (Internet)
AOSAustralian Optical Society
AOSAustrian Outdoor Sports (fly fishing; Germany)
AOSAmerican Otological Society
AOSAutomated Office Systems (Bellcore)
AOSAlcatel Operating System
AOSAlgebraic Operating System
AOSAdams-Oliver Syndrome
AOSAthabasca Oil Sands (crude oil deposits; Alberta, Canada)
AOSAxis of Symmetry
AOSArea of Service (Sprint)
AOSArrived on Scene
AOSAppliance Operating System (minimal operating system)
AOSAlternate Operator Service
AOSAcademic Orthopaedic Society
AOSAeon of Strife (gaming)
AOSArmy Organization Server (US Army)
AOSAssociates of Science (degree)
AOSAgreement Of Sale
AOSAcousto-Optic Spectrometer
AOSAge d'Or Services (French: Golden Age Services)
AOSAverage Order Size
AOSAll Options Stink
AOSAir Operations Squadron
AOSAnnual Operating Statement (various organizations)
AOSAdd One and do not Skip
AOSAviation Operation Specialist (US DoD)
AOSAdvanced Orbiting System
AOSAutomated Ordering System
AOSActualités Odonto-Stomatologiques (French medical journal)
AOSAntibiotic Order Sheet (medications)
AOSArquitectura Orientada a Servicios (Spanish: service-oriented architecture)
AOSAerosol Observing System
AOSAdd-On Stabilization
AOSAny Other Score
AOSAssociate Opinion Survey
AOSAdd On Sales
AOSArrival on Site
AOSArmy of Sin (game clan)
AOSAvionics Operating System
AOSAirborne Optical System
AOSAge Old Saying
AOSAirport Operations Specialist
AOSAges of Shadows (game)
AOSAirborne Optical Sensor
AOSAutomated Operating System
AOSAir Observer's School
AOSAirlift Operations School
AOSArithmetic Operating System
AOSArchaic of Styles (band)
AOSAgent Online Services (extranet)
AOSAlternate Option Selection
AOSAtlantic Oceanographic Synopsis
AOSAutomated Observation System (US DoD)
AOSAcronym Overload Syndrome :-)
AOSFAA Operational Support Service
AOSAmerican Ostomy Supply (Waukesha, WI)
AOSApplication Outsourcing Service
AOSAzimuth Orientation System
AOSAurora Optical Switch (Tellium)
AOSAdaptive Order Statistic
AOSAircraft on Station
AOSAirborne Optical Surveillance
AOSAccess Optimization Service (UUNET)
AOSSupport Tankers
AOSAutomatic/Automatically Out of Service (Tandem & DSC)
AOSAdvanced Online Search
AOSAstronomiczne Obserwatorium Scerokosciowe (Borowcu, Poland Time Standard)
AOSAutomated Observing Station
AOSATl Optical Summit (Sprint)
AOSAirport Operation System (airport management software)
AOSAlternate Observing Site
AOSApplication Ordering System (student financial aid)
AOSAviators Oxygen System
AOSAircrew Oxygen System
AOSActivism Orientation Scale (Corning and Myers, 2002)
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83) An inadmissibility charge may be applicable when the alien arrives at a port of entry in the United States at the immigration inspection or during an adjustment of status application.
INA [section]212(h) generally authorizes immigration officers to waive many of the inadmissibility grounds concerning criminal activity for qualifying aliens, (51) including those (1) whose convictions for the criminal offenses rendering them inadmissible occurred more than 15 years before the date of the alien's application for a visa, admission, or adjustment of status, and who are deemed rehabilitated and not a threat to U.
Previously, Congress had made available, in INA section 245(i), another option for those who would otherwise qualify for adjustment of status but for the ULP bars.
Durbin, Richard [IL] "DREAM Act of 2007" A bill to authorize the cancellation of removal and adjustment of status of certain alien students who are long-term United States residents and who entered the United States as children, and for other purposes.
The USG continues to work towards publishing a regulation for the adjustment of status for qualified T-visa holders, creating a pathway for citizenship.
Through September 30, 2007, USCIS had approved 18,886 applications for adjustment of status under HRIFA.
A pending application for adjustment of status to legal permanent residence status or conditional resident status.
omit adjustment of status, which is a quintessential form of ex post
It would also provide an easier earned adjustment of status for agricultural workers who do not have valid documentation.
Feinstein estimated it could take eight to 12 more years for final adjustment of status.
The McCain/Kennedy/Kolbe/Flake/ Gutierrez bill goes one step further and includes a "path to legalization" that would allow a guest worker to apply for an adjustment of status to legal permanent resident if the alien satisfies the following requirements: 1) completes the employment requirement; 2) pays an additional $1000 fine; 3) is admissible under immigration laws; 4) undergoes a medical examination; 5) shows proof of payment of taxes; 6) demonstrates knowledge of English and U.