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ADNETAnti-Drug Network
ADnetAlgoma District Community Network (Thessalon, ON, Canada)
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Prof Adnet said: Bag-mask ventilation did not appear to be without danger in our trial.
Adnet S, Cappetta H (2001) A palaeontological and phylogenetical analysis of squaliform sharks (Chondrichtlryes: Squaliformes) based on dental characters.
Ikanos Communications Inc (Nasdaq:IKAN), a provider of advanced broadband semiconductor and software products for the connected home, announced on Tuesday the appointment of Lionel Adnet as vice president of business development and carrier relations.
Distribucion paleogeografica: el genero Mitsukurina Jordan, 1898 se registra en el Eoceno de Australia (Pledge, 1967) y Europa, en el Ypresiano de Dinamarca (sensu Ward en Cappetta, 2012) y Francia (sensu Adnet, 2006); en el Oligoceno Inferior de los Carpatos polacos (Bienkowska-Wasiluk & Radwanski, 2009).
Patrick Gutknecht of Galerie Patrick Gutknecht in Geneva specialises in this area, especially in the pieces the brothers made for French designers Jean-Michel Frank and Jacques Adnet.
Stoelzle recently launched a new fluorescent print/spray color technique that imbues a glowing effect, and Adnet notes that it's been well-received in both the spirit and fragrance categories.
Other star furniture pieces include a pair of free-standing, trapezoidal oak book shelves made in 1940 also by Guillerme et Chambron; a midcentury leather-upholstered trunk and stand set by Jacques Adnet and Gilbert Poillerat valued at between $25,000 and $30,000; the so-called "marshmallow canape," a 1960 couch by Georges Nelson and Irving Harper that absolutely epitomizes the era; and a 1950 American set of drawers with elaborate, abstract tribal carving (one of Salam's favorite items).
The Adnet Mirror is round with a black frame made from Italian leather and can be hung in any room of the house, while the black Round Wall Clock has a distressed look with metal features and gold roman numerals.
SLEEK: Ercol dining, above, Duresta Panther, below and Adnet mirror, right
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