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ADONISAdvanced On-Screen Information System
ADONISAMOS Daytime Optical Near-Infrared Imaging System
ADONISAmerican-Australian Trial with Dronedarone in Atrial Fibrillation or Flutter Patients for the Maintenance of Sinus Rhythm (heart patient study)
ADONISArticle Delivery Over Network Information System
ADONISAdaptation of Numerical Hydrodynamic Tools for Integration Into Ship Design Systems
ADONISAutomatic Digital On-line Instrumentation System
ADONISUS/NATO Off-Line Encryption System
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Venus and Adonis,' in particular, seems to have become at once the most popular poem of its own time.
There's not a finer fellow in the service," Osborne said, "nor a better officer, though he is not an Adonis, certainly.
I'm trying to make music for everyone and anyone to enjoy," Adonis said, adding that he credits many musicians for helping him find his passion for music, including James Brown, Stevie Wonder and Outkast.
Literarily, Ali Ahmad Said, who uses the pen name Adonis, never budged.
The relationship between a piece of paper and a stain of ink," Adonis continued, "there's composition, there's musicality, vertical dimensions.
LORD ADONIS states in his report to the Labour leadership: "is will give city and county regions a much stronger incentive to invest in growth, with a larger proportion of the additional revenue then being returned to the combined authority.
Lord Adonis said the measure would encourage councils to support businesses but it is also likely to be controversial because it means authorities where economic growth is slower will have less money to spend.
ADONIS:Community Edition is a free version of the leading BPM-tool ADONIS.
The row between Lord Adonis and Durham MP Kevan Jones goes way back to the days when the peer tried to introduce an academy into Durham, so it was always going to get personal.
After you have done this you will direct me to turn the ADONIS cards in any order you choose to send the mental image of the card from ADONIS to my assistant.
Adonis etait bien la, en chair et en os, balbutiant, de long en large, des compliments a toutes ces amours.
My board look forward to considering the Adonis Review proposals in detail," he said.