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ADUAAdministrative Directory User Agent
ADUAAdministrator Directory User Agent
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Decades later, his daughter, Adua, who fled Somalia as a young woman and also ended up in Rome, reflects on her long residency there, and on a life lived in a country that has never felt like home.
Los etiopes pretenden ser un pueblo viril, conquistador, y los timbres de la actual dinastia nacen precisamente en Adua, en que creyeron haber demostrado que Italia era inferior a Etiopia.
ailing President Yar' Adua, he made public commitments to
President Jonathan Goodluck had last January acceded to the governors' that $2billion be shared, after which they supported the bid to make him Acting President in the prolonged absence of Yar Adua.
The immediate past president, Yar' Adua, never got to finish his first term and so, in principle, Jonathan is simply to hold the fort while a suitable northerner is picked to be his deputy ahead of the elections, whereupon Jonathan will be expected to step down.
His silence has led to many Nigerian newspapers to continue reporting that Yar Adua is on a life support machine or in a coma.
The EU, said Ashton, continues to support Nigeria in its efforts to remain committed to the principles of democracy and the rule of law, and she wished President Yar Adua, who is in Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, a full recovery.
He figured it was his bosses at the Associated Press phoning to inform him that Nigeria's ailing president, Umaru Yark' Adua, had finally succumbed to the heart condition for which he was being treated in Saudi Arabia.
9/1989 al Consiliului Frontului Salvarii Nationale prin care a fost adua la existenta fosta Biserica Greco-Catolica si sa impus necesitatea crearii unei comisii centrale de dialog la nivelul Patriarhiei Romane care sa discute cu o comisie similara din partea Bisericii Catolice Orientale de rit Bizantin.
Nigeria's president Umaru Yar' Adua invited foreign oil companies to help build three major gas gathering plants and pipelines that would provide enough supplies to its ailing power sector.
Obasanjo is a southerner and Yar' Adua a northerner.