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Ministers shared approaches to advancing human rights and reconciliation with Indigenous peoples.
President Trump's dismissive attitude toward human rights was no surprise following his campaign, but your May 3 remarks to Department staff shocked many as you called into question the utility of advancing human rights when it proves inconvenient.
The CHR asks the public to continue to remain steadfast in advancing human rights,' Gascon added.
The United State Section of the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF US) and its Earth Democracy and Advancing Human Rights national issue committees stand in solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the many First Nations and other groups and supporters gathered to oppose construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) that would carry dangerous crude oil from the North Dakota Bakken oil fields under the Missouri River and across four states to Illinois.
He added that the situation in Iraq, the conflict in Yemen, repercussions of the Arab Spring and the spread of the wave of extremism, fanaticism, terrorism and the war in Syria, Libya, Palestine and elsewhere impacted negatively on the State of Kuwait at the national level, however, it managed to confront such challenges through the rule of law and advancing human rights issues.
government exchange alumni participated in workshops on topics such as combating climate change, countering violent extremism, and advancing human rights, inspiring them to make a difference in their communities.
Carter was the 39th US president, a Nobel Peace Prize winner, co-founder of the nongovernmental, not-for-profit Carter Center, who devoted his life to advancing human rights and alleviating human suffering.
Any money that comes from Iran's previously frozen assets, Farahanipour said, will "fund state-sponsored terrorism" instead of advancing human rights.
Pope Francis praised the UN for advancing human rights and creating international laws and standards, calling these achievements "lights which help to dispel the darkness of the disorder caused by unrestrained ambitions and collective forms of selfishness".
David Keyes was the perfect candidate: in 2010, Keyes, who is nothing if not brilliant and tenacious, teamed up with the legendary founder of Human Rights Watch, Robert Bernstein, to found Advancing Human Rights, a new organization they had hoped would present a more innovative and less biased alternative to the original behemoth.
Highlighting the importance of advancing human rights in Bahrain and the wider region, the Kingdom affirmed its commitment to accelerating programmes that will continue to improve individual rights and justice.
A senior Internet researcher at Human Rights Watch, Cynthia Wong said that given the scale of snooping that technology now enables, all states should modernise privacy protections or they risk undermining the Internet's potential as a tool for advancing human rights.
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