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ADVAdvantage (tennis)
ADVAdvertising (various organizations)
ADVAdenovirus (infections)
ADVAverage Daily Volume (trading)
ADVAcoustic Doppler Velocimeter
ADVAdversus (Latin: Against)
ADVAdeno-Associated Virus
ADVAuto Detect Voltage
ADVAudit Vault
ADVAdvanced Digital Video
ADVArbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Verkehrsflughäfen (German: Working Group of German Commercial Airports)
ADVAd Vision (American Anime Licensing Co.)
ADVArbeitsgemeinschaft für Datenverarbeitung
ADVAdministration des Ventes (French)
ADVAlliance pour les Droits de la Vie (French: Alliance for Human Life; est. 1993)
ADVArbeitsgemeinschaft der Vermessungsverwaltungen der Länder der Bundesrepublik Deutschland (German: Working Committee of the Surveying Authorities of the States of the Federal Republic of Germany)
ADVAir Defense Variant
ADVAutomatic Diluent Valve (diving rebreather)
ADVAujeszky's Disease Virus
ADVAuditable Dollar Value
ADVAdaptive Distance Vector
ADVAtmospheric Dump Valve
ADVAscent/Descent Vehicle
ADVArea Denial to Vehicles
ADVAbstract Design View
ADVAssociation of Dunkirk Veterans
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Non enim per litteras traditam illam sed per vivam vocem>>, Adversus Haereses, III, 2,1, FC 8/3, 26,1-3.
Puo essere utile leggere tale ricorrenza di [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] alla luce di Adversus Eunomium II, 28 e 29, per prestare attenzione alla distinzione che per la [TEXTO IRREPRODUCIBLE EN ASCII] emerge in Dio, con la distinzione delle proprieta.
Contra os retoricos, a obra comentada, traduzida e anotada pela dupla de jovens filosofos cariocas, corresponde ao livro II de Adversus Mathematicos.
Quam adversus decisionem mulier conventa, die 24 februarii 2005, ad Rotam Romanam appellavit, petens sententiam separationis ob culpam viri et pensionem alimentariam.
Above all, Bullinger's Adversus omnia catabaptistarum irrava dogmata (1535).
3) In the realm of German religious leadership rethinking, the EKD, which enthusiastically supported our program, held the Rhineland Synod of the German Protestant Churches, which produced a major groundbreaking document "Towards a Renewal of the Relationships of Christian and Jews," while the Catholic Church continued to define and describe what it meant to make Vatican II a living reality after the centuries of the Adversus Judaeos tradition.
15: Quod Carneades Academicus elleboro stomachum purgavit scripturus adversus Zenonis Stoici decreta.
Adversus Ramistas: Kontroversen uber die Natur der Logik am Ende der Renaissance.
The book provides an impressive coverage of the medieval authors, some of them almost unknown, although King Alfred's Anglo-Saxon version of Paulus Orosius's Historiarum adversus Paganos libri vii is not mentioned, despite Kempshall's very lengthy treatment of that Spanish writer, covering sixteen pages (compared with just five pages for Eusebius and only three for Boethius).
See Adversus Iovinianum I, 32: "I know that the Jews are accustomed to meet us with the objection that in Hebrew the word 'almah' does not mean a virgin but a young woman.
El ejemplar mas antiguo (Roma 1469) contiene la obra polemica del Cardenal Bessarion, titulada Adversus calumniatorem Platonis (.
A man of considerable talent and energy, his prodigious historical scholarship--he authored the famous multi-volume History of the Florentine People (1428), a biography of Cicero (Vita Ciceronis, 1413), and numerous studies of ancient history, including the Commentarium return grecarum (1439), Commentarii de primo bello punico (1418-1422), and De bello italico adversus Gothos (1441)--marks him as one of the greatest and most innovative historians of the early Renaissance.