AEPiAlpha Epsilon Pi (fraternity)
AEPiArmy Environmental Policy Institute
AEPiAtmospheric Emissions Photometric Imaging
AEPiAuditory Evoked Potential Index
AEPiAmerican Electric Power, Inc.
AEPiAcute Early Postoperative Ileus
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Que la Aepi presenta importantes fragmentaciones que inciden negativamente en la calidad ofrecida y que por tanto generan desigualdades y desventajas en los aprendizajes presentes y futuros;
The report, titled "Assessing the Impact of the Alpha Epsilon Pi Experience," was commissioned by AEPi alumnus Elan Carr, a District Attorney based in Los Angeles, who has been a member of the fraternity since 1986, and Groeneman Research & Consulting, the organization that also commissioned (along with the Schusterman Foundation) a 2011 BBYO study of Jewish teenagers.
Davis AEPi fraternity house was tagged with two swastikas, coming 24 hours after the deeply troubling actions on campus coming from those seeking to delegitimize Israel and her people," leaders and alumni of AEPi said in a joint statement.
Finally the study lacked a reliable depth of anesthesia monitors as both AEPI and BIS has shortcomings.
El acceso a los servicios de AEPI de los ninos de 3 a 6 anos se ha incrementado de forma significativa, pero existen desigualdades en el acceso y la calidad de los servicios que se brindan a los grupos en situacion de mayor vulnerabilidad.
Carl said he only knew of AEPi and Hillel students and did not know if this happened to other students.
AEPI conducts studies of emerging and existing environmental issues that may significantly impact the Army, then helps develop proactive policies and strategies that affect the sustainment of Army installations and operations.
Uno de los indicadores claves de cobertura de Aepi es la proporcion de establecimientos de salud en los cuales 60% o mas de los trabajadores de salud involucrados en la atencion del nino han sido capacitados en Aiepi.
Bales received two, four, or six layers of stretch-wrap plastic film (Sunfilm, AEPI Industries, South Hackensack, N J), and all bales were placed in a single layer on a well-drained grass sod for storage.
Daniel Vessal, a member and former vice president of the Jewish fraternity AEPi, told the website TruthRevolt that he approached the table and a discussion devolved into violence.
AEPI will deliver silicon carbide power modules to SAIC that will power electronic test systems in a new generation of tanks.