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AERISA E Rose Information Service (Canada)
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The Aeris platform provides a single point of access to a network of over 500 carriers globally and gives users the ability to control and manage end devices across different cellular technologies, ensuring efficient data usage, future deployment planning, improved profitability and customer satisfaction.
Aeris provides solutions for healthcare, fleets, and utilities - the IMC's efforts to reach Adopters in these markets ties in directly with the global expansion strategy.
Aeris Communications owns and operates the largest North American cellular network designed exclusively for machines.
Aeris simplifies the complexities associated with wireless data connectivity allowing visionary customers like Leica to focus on key product innovations," said Mark Cratsenburg, vice president of sales at Aeris.
The Aeris version of the Kyocera 200 Module integrates parameters that enable the module to operate using the Aeris CDMA network throughout North America.
Aeris, which also organises long-haul charter flights for tour operators, has 489 employees, The Associated Press reported.
These short data packets are transmitted by cellular devices and are routed to the Aeris central hub facility over existing SS7 (Signaling System 7) networks.
We believe Emmi is well positioned and will play a critical role as the industry transitions from fee-for-service to value-based care delivery," said David Joncas, Managing Director with Aeris Partners.
With Tech Mahindra and Aeris, Aircel is well poised to deliver on this through a comprehensive suite of M2M and IoT services.
The MC323 comes with the following features and specifications that make it an ideal platform for M2M applications to operate over the Aeris network:
According to The Associated Press, Aeris also organises long-haul charter flights for tour operators, and has 489 employees.
Aeris will be the surviving entity in the merger, which will be undertaken as a reverse triangular merger and will result in SK3 Group, Inc.