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AESOPAutomated Educational Substitute Operator
AESOPAirborne Electronic Sensor Operator (Canada; also seen as AES Op)
AESOPAirborne Electro-optical Special Operations Payload
AESOPAustralian Executive Service Overseas Program (Australia)
AESOPAn Expert System for Shipboard Obscuration Prediction
AESOPAssistant for Evaluation of Software Practices
AESOPAirborne Experiment to Study Ozone Production
AESOPAutomated Electronic System for Ocean Pollution
AESOPAFAFC Enhanced Strategic Operating Platform
AESOPAfloat Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Program (US Navy)
AESOPAutomated Experiment Summary and Overview Program (Strategic Defense Initiative)
AESOPAb-Initio Effective Spin-Orbit Operator
AESOPArtificial Earth Satellite Observation Program
AESOPAdvanced End-to-End Simulation for Onboard Processing
AESOPAerodynamic Shape Optimization Program
AESOPAutomatic Engineering and Scientific Optimization Program
AESOPAutomatic Environmental Surface Observation Platforms
AESOPAll Editorial Services Online for Publishers and Writers
AESOPArmy Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator
AESOPArmy Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator Operations
AESOPAdvanced Engine Simulation and Optimization Program (USAF system by Dynamics Research Corporation)
AESOPAssociation of European Schools of Planning (est. 1987)
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Martin Grimer, who serves as Aesop Agency's executive director, said it was great fun working with Murray in creating his personal logo.
The key driver for moving to NetSuite is our rapid international growth, as well as the need for flexible scalability," commented Troy Smith, Global Head of ICT, Aesop.
Aesop creative director Martin Grimer said: "For us, winning the opportunity to create and narrate Andy's story and deliver an iconic identity for him and his company is a grand slam.
Aesop, an Australia-based skin, hair and body care product company, signed a seven-year, 3,430 s/f lease for its New York office.
When his overseer learned that Aesop could speak, he became afraid because Aesop might then report his cruel treatment to their owner, and so he sold him to a slave trader for almost nothing.
For her charming exploration of Aesop in the late Middle Age, de Weever (English, Brooklyn College, City University of New York, emerita) has chosen two printed editions of the Fables, one in Latin from 1497 and a bilingual Latin-Parmigiana edition from 1526.
Under the Rules of the AESOP, the share price at which the shares are
Cathay Pacific Airways has announced the launch a new range of travel kits for passengers, with a new design from fashion house Bally and skincare products from Australian brand Aesop.
The exhibition, called Olley on Aesop, transforms the famous fables from verbal to visual form.
These guys have a fine taste in liquor, especially AESOP with his 100-dollar bottle of tequila he was gracious enough to share with me.
Soon, summer turns to winter and the ant reminds us of the moral of this Aesop fable, "Plan ahead.