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AESOPAssociation of European Schools of Planning (est. 1987)
AESOPAutomated Educational Substitute Operator
AESOPAirborne Electronic Sensor Operator (Canada; also seen as AES Op)
AESOPAirborne Electro-optical Special Operations Payload
AESOPAustralian Executive Service Overseas Program (Australia)
AESOPAn Expert System for Shipboard Obscuration Prediction
AESOPAssistant for Evaluation of Software Practices
AESOPAirborne Experiment to Study Ozone Production
AESOPAfloat Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations Program (US Navy)
AESOPArtificial Earth Satellite Observation Program
AESOPAutomated Electronic System for Ocean Pollution
AESOPAFAFC Enhanced Strategic Operating Platform
AESOPAb-Initio Effective Spin-Orbit Operator
AESOPAutomated Experiment Summary and Overview Program (Strategic Defense Initiative)
AESOPAutomatic Environmental Surface Observation Platforms
AESOPAdvanced End-to-End Simulation for Onboard Processing
AESOPAutomatic Engineering and Scientific Optimization Program
AESOPAerodynamic Shape Optimization Program
AESOPAll Editorial Services Online for Publishers and Writers
AESOPArmy Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator
AESOPArmy Electromagnetic Pulse Simulator Operations
AESOPAdvanced Engine Simulation and Optimization Program (USAF system by Dynamics Research Corporation)
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Eventually, to cut a longish story short, Aesop is flogged, saves his master from suicide, and finally tricks him into giving him freedom irrevocably in a public assembly.
In response to this need, Frontline Technologies, the creator of the Aesop substitute placement and absence management system, has released a targeted, customizable report to all 3,200 of its school district customers.
Aesop director Dennis Paphitis explains: "This is one occasion when the destination is as important as the journey.
Chwa o Chwedlau Aesop published by Gwasg Carreg Gwalch pounds 5.
Aesop will continue to be headed by its current Chief Executive Officer, Michael O'Keeffe, and will remain headquartered in Melbourne.
This modern take on a classic Aesop fable wins you over with its enthralling and charming illustrations by Ayano Imai.
THERE is an Aesop Fable about the wind and the sun disputing which was stronger.
HISTORIC: Two woodblocks from Thomas Bewick's own 1818 copy of The Fables of Aesop - The boys and the frogs, above left, and The miller, his son and their ass above right.
The story of each has many twists and turns before a final reunion, but the title, taken from Aesop, makes this mainly Miriel's story as she fights the oppression many women experienced in the Middle Ages.
The famous fables by Greek writer Aesop, all have their own lesson on life and include The Boy Who Cried Wolf and The Hare and The Tortoise.
s Internet and telephone-based substitute management system, called AESOP, was introduced last year and now services more than 80 districts.
Very few of the customary animals from the original Aesop appear, however, old Aesop manages to provide a running commentary on these new fables.