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AFRANAfrican Research on Ageing Network (University of Oxford, UK)
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He and his accomplice - both on benefits - raked in more than pounds 5,000 a month from their dodgy dealings, with Afran keeping tabs of his transactions in a school book belonging to his step-daughter.
The Friends took on the Grade II*-listed SSS Afran, Ieuan and Sannan Church at Llantrisant near Holyhead in 2001.
The game will become more and more corrupt if there is no remedy," said his lawyer, Bruce Afran.
will administer the preparation and development of Afran resort, situated
Just Call Mortgages cruised to a 6-0 win over Afran Roofing, thanks to goals from Paul Roderick, Cyran Williams (2) and an impressive hat-trick from Ryan McHugh.
Rizwan Ahmed Ruhel Farhad Harun Monir Waqar Siddiqui Asif Afran Usman </pre> <p>With: Ruhel Ahmed, Asif Iqbal, Shafiq Rasul.
Tomer Firouzman, Elan Yakovee and Afran Naoum all started for the Toreadors in the City 4-A volleyball championship game on Friday night against Palisades.
In 1986, Paul Baxter summarized an African reality of possible cultural and political change by asserting that, `the Oromos are one of the most numerous peoples of Africa', and that `an Oromo nation is at present being forged out of the various major groupings: Arssi, Boran, Leqa, Macha, Afran Kallo, Wollo, Raya, Tulama, Guji, Karaiyu, etc'.