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ADHTAfrican Diaspora Heritage Trail (international tourism network)
ADHTAngle-Dependent Homothetic Transformation
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In 2009 Van Putten was invited to present at a Student Summit at the University of Dar es Salaam in The Republic of Tanzania, sponsored by the African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference, where her African Foundation Timeline presentation garnered a standing ovation.
She also composes and delivers stirring poetic libations at various national and international cultural events, including the African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference (Bermuda, The Bahamas), the Association for Black Cultural Centers, the National Council of Black Studies, and Sister Sojourners' Retreat (South Africa).
10-14: 3rd International African Diaspora Heritage Trail Conference in The Atlantis Resort, Paradise Island, The Bahamas.
Explore Bermuda's African Diaspora Heritage Trail that brings Black history alive with African customs.
A historic journey on the African Diaspora Heritage Trail zigzags the island highlighting the story of a mixed culture of African, Native Indian, Caribbean and British heritage.
In celebration of the role that Africans played in shaping Bermuda's history, visitors to the island can explore the landmarks and sites of The African Diaspora Heritage Trail.
They will also enjoy unforgettable Bermuda adventures with our full shore excursion program including a new tour for 2003 -- the African Diaspora Heritage Trail -- as well as a number of special events celebrating Bermuda's rich culture to be held at some of the island's historical places.
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