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AFRAustralian Financial Review
AFRApplicable Federal Rate
AFRAlternate Frame Rendering
AFRAfrikaans (South African language)
AFRAir France (ICAO code)
AFRAir Force Reserve
AFRAnnual Financial Report
AFRAmerican Family Radio (Christian radio network)
AFRAir Force Regulation
AFRAnnualized Failure Rate
AFRAncient Faith Radio (Internet radio station)
AFRAmerican Financial Realty Trust
AFRAnnual Failure Rate
AFRAfrican Department (International Monetary Fund)
AFRAir-to-Fuel Ratio
AFRAutomatic Feature Recognition
AFRAllocation Formation Reclassement
AFRAlternative Fuels and Raw Materials
AFRAverage Failure Rate
AFRAdvanced Fuel Research, Inc.
AFRAvailable Financial Resources (finance)
AFRAsociatia Femeilor din România (Women's Association of Romania)
AFRAway From Reactor (water storage basin)
AFRApplied for Registration
AFRAlt.fairs.renaissance (Usenet group frequented by RenFest attendees)
AFRAmericans for a Free Republic (Dallas, TX)
AFRAuthorized Firm Representative (persons responsible for managing a financial institution's access to the National Registration System)
AFRAdministrative and Fundraising expense Rate
AFRAir Force Recognition
AFRAvailable for Reassignment
AFRAutomatic Flexible Routing
AFRassign frequency for network reporting (US DoD)
AFRAudit Finding Report
AFRAccidental Fecal Release
AFRAides à la Formation Recherche
AFRAsynchronous Fixed Repetition
AFRArtillery Flash Ranging
AFRAuthentication Failure Report
AFRAppropriation for RDT&E
AFRApproximate Factor Re-Normalization
AFRAdditional Funding Request
AFRAs Found Report
AFRAdvanced Fuel Reprocessing
AFRAmpoule Filling Room
AFRAcid Fractionation Recycle
AFRAverage Fuel Rate
AFRAffordable Readiness
AFRAutomated Field Report
AFRAngle Face Ring (pipe valves and fittings)
AFRAccounting and Financial Reporting (various organizations)
AFRAutomatic Fingerprint Recognition
AFRAssociation Française pour la Réduction des Risques (French: French Association for Risk Reduction)
AFRAssociation Française du Ragdoll (French: French Ragdoll Association)
AFRAides à Finalité Régionale (French: Regional Aid)
AFRAccident Frequency Ratio
AFRAssociation Française des Russisants (French Russian culture association)
AFRArbel Fauvet Rail (French railway manufacturer; Douai, France)
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Everybody speaks English but then they slip into Afrikaans GRAINNE SEOIGE irish country magazine
In Afdeling A word onder meer indringend na die konsepte taal en Afrikaans gekyk; voordat die fokus op die eienskappe en riglyne vir 'n suksesvolle Afrikaansonderwyser geplaas word.
The reality is that English tuition has always been part of the teaching offering at Stellenbosch as an adjunct to the main Afrikaans one.
I think that writing in Afrikaans about an Afrikaans composer, whose music, at first, I have to admit, did not move me intellectually or emotionally, held out the promise of constructing a narrative about the ordinary things that make up a culturally compatible past life in the present (p.
Following the successful launch of GOtv Plus in Namibia just over six months ago, MultiChoice Africa said it is pleased to announce the addition of a new Afrikaans channel, KykNet & Kie on the bouquet.
It was these people, found today predominantly in the Western Cape, who would eventually be classified as coloured under the apartheid regime and who still form the largest group of Afrikaans speakers to this day.
In 'n soeke na die wortels van Afrikaans het vroee taalkundiges op die raakpunte tussen Afrikaans en Nederlands gefokus.
Vincent tells another one of the interviewees, John's cousin Margot, that in his transcription of their interview into "an uninterrupted narrative" spoken in Margot's voice, he "asked a colleague from South Africa to check that [he] had the Afrikaans words right" (Coetzee 2009: 87).
She provides links to the Afrikaans text by inserting the page numbers of the original in square brackets.
The day began with a march by 10,000 students carrying banners and slogans, saying Down with Afrikaans and Viva Azania (the name given to South Africa by black nationalists).
In ChiShona they have been acquired from English, Nguni, Afrikaans and Portuguese over centuries.
First and foremost, with the end of Afrikaner access to power, the Afrikaans speakers had to reconfigure their sense of self in the new South Africa.