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The noise and vibration levels of a J58 afterburning engine under test were enormous.
Afterburning is not new, but Bosman attributed increased heat-exchange efficieny to Goss advanced technology, which reduces the amount of gas needed solvent fumes emitted.
Throw in a couple of enemy fighters and you are away with the fairies, evasive manoeuvring, flare deploying and afterburning like you've been around F-15s and Migs all your life.
Formation of hardbound (sintered) ash deposits took place at the exit region of the FB reactor mainly due to the excess air inlet and afterburning of particles at a temperature rising up to 1000 [degrees]C at BB conditions.
The two-man jets are drawn from RAF Lossiemouth in Scotland and Marham, Norfolk, and are capable of 1,452mph - around twice the speed of sound - powered by two Rolls-Royce afterburning turbofan engines.
Still later, I transitioned to the F-15, adding much more powerful afterburning engines and cable arresting into the equation.
Contract notice: Incineration plant with catalytic afterburning
On the other hand, use of the afterburning F404 increases fuel consumption and therefore running costs.
The order includes a Pastomat reelstand and KBA Patras M reel-handling system, jaw folder with two turner bars and two formers, cut-off register controls, heatset dryer with integrated afterburning and various options, among them stitching, perforating or scoring and gluing ancillaries, and delivery as a broadsheet, a tabloid or with a quarterfold.
The author states that the operational life of the engines was degraded because of "excessive afterburning that overheated the engine oil and fused and jammed the bearings.
He achieved a speed of 1,227km/h (763mph) courtesy of two afterburning Rolls Royce Spey engines.