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ACTAAnti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement
ACTAAcetic Acid
ACTAAmerican Council of Trustees and Alumni
ACTAAcademisch Centrum Tandheelkunde Amsterdam (Amsterdam Academic Centre for Dentistry, Holland)
ACTAAssociation de Coordination Technique Agricole (France)
ACTAAdministrative Council for Terminal Attachments
ACTAAlameda Corridor Transportation Authority (California)
ACTAActin Assembly-Inducing Protein (protein)
ACTAAssociation of Canadian Travel Agents
ACTAAgainst Cruelty to Animals
ACTAAmerica's Carriers Telecommunications Association
ACTAAssociation Canadienne des Troubles Anxieux (French: Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada)
ACTAAlameda County Transportation Authority
ACTAAllensbacher Computer- und Telekommunikations-Analyse (German: computer and telecommunications analysis of Allensbach)
ACTAAlliance of Canadian Travel Associations
ACTAAir Traffic Control Association
ACTAAssociation of Cardiothoracic Anaesthetists (United Kingdom)
ACTAAnti-Corruption and Anti-Trafficking Action
ACTAAdvanced Combat Training Academy
ACTAAustralian Chemical Trauma Alliance, Inc.
ACTAAmerican Chungdokwan Taekwondo Association
ACTAAustralian Telescope Compact Array
ACTAAmerican Community Theatre Association (now American Association of Community Theatre)
ACTAArkansas Cable Telecommunications Association
ACTAAustralia Clay Target Association
ACTAArlington County Tennis Association (Virginia)
ACTAAnglo-Catholic Church in the Americas
ACTAAlameda Corridor Transportation Agency
ACTAAcces Creativity Theatre Arts (Bristol England community theatre)
ACTAAlabama Cable Telecommunications Association
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But Megan Fox as Sophie, the dumb bimbo vegan starlet endearingly against cruelty to animals, while willing to cut human throats to become a star) nearly steals the movie.
Tippi has long been an outspoken voice against cruelty to animals -- both wild and domestic.
AT a time when campaigns against cruelty to animals have had some successes and some setbacks, Animal Aid's message is that all cruelty to animals needs to be stopped - and it gets results.
Now he has written a memoir that describes some of these adventures, Committed: A Rabble-Rouser's Memoir (Atria, 2007), which is as much about his activities as a gay traveler as it is about his activism in the fight against cruelty to animals.
But with the huge rise in the number of pet keepers there as living standards rise along with the economy, there have been increasing calls for legislation against cruelty to animals.
She claimed to support the League Against Cruelty to Animals.
The injunction was sought against ten named defendants: Mel Broughton, John Curtin, Robert Cogswell, Speak Campaigns, Stop Primate Experimentation at Cambridge, Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty, Oxford Animal Rights Group, People Against Cruelty to Animals - West Midlands, West Midlands Animal Action and Animal Liberation Front.
Founder Ingrid Newkirk has made a will asking that her flesh be barbecued, her skin tanned and her feet turned into ornaments after death to protest against cruelty to animals.
Working from Jewish tradition, they also point to rabbinic teachings such as bal taschit, a rule against needless destruction, and tza'ar ha'alei chayyim, a rule against cruelty to animals.
In Miami, Cubans and Haitians who practice Santeria, a religion that involves animal sacrifice, encounter laws prohibiting killing animals for anything other than food consumption, as well as activists protesting against cruelty to animals.
Dorothea Dix, another social work pioneer, on many occasions also spoke up against cruelty to animals.