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56) After its formation, the nucleus labor unit of the Pioneers camped about three and a half miles beyond Ahero near Kisumu in Nyanza Province.
Two hundred and nine dried food samples (500g each) including: 50 omena, 31 rice, 22 groundnuts, 37 cassava, 41 maize, and 28 sorghum, were collected from Kibuye wholesale market, Kibuye open air market, Oile market, Ahero market and Mamboleo market.
A group of Nyanza (area in Western Kenya near Lake Victoria) clergymen addressed this issue during a regional National Council of Churches of Kenya conference held in Ahero, Kisumo.
AHERO soldier whose life was saved by the toss of a coin in World War II has been awarded France's highest honour.
AHERO cop has spoken of the moment he wrestled a knifewielding attacker to the ground after he had been twice stabbed himself.
AHERO on the football pitch will pay tribute to two heroes on the battlefield at a memorial tournament this weekend.
A cross- sectional study was conducted with 117 breastfeeding mothers at Ahero Sub-District Hospital, Nyanza Province, Kenya, who were selected consecutively until the desired sample size was attained.
The transformers are to be installed in Ahero, Kibos, Majengo and Maseno in Nyanza; and Kabarak, Kipsaraman, Chepseon, and Elgon View in Rift Valley.
But Niall has become something of ahero to communities fighting for a voice.
Naturally he turns into ahero, working undercover as an Araband saving a friend's life.
AHERO neighbour saved two little sisters from a blazing house - then dashed back into the inferno in a vain bid to rescue their mother and big brother.
AHERO explorer who shot a polar bear as it mauled a public schoolboy to death during an Arctic expedition has been discharged from hospital after undergoing three operations, his family have revealed.