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AITAAll India Tennis Association (est. 1920; New Delhi, India)
AITAAmerica's Independent Truckers' Association, Inc.
AITAAlabama Information Technology Association (est. 1999; Madison, AL)
AITAAustralian International Trade Association
AITAAll India Travel Agency (New Delhi, India)
AITAAdvanced Internet Technology and Applications (workshop)
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Apres la disparition dernierement de Cheikha Hajja Hamounia et Fatna Bent Houcine, la scene artistique national perd aujourd'hui l'une des voix les plus puissantes et les plus melodieuses de la chanson populaire", a-t-il dit dans une declaration a la MAP, soulignant la virtuosite du disparu dans l'interpretation des grands classiques du repertoire de la Aita Marsaouia comme "Al Hadaouiat", "Rkoub Al Khayl" et la celebrissime "Kharboucha menana".
Refusing to bow to all the demands made by the rebel players, the AITA announced a young team with Paes as the only star.
Only recently, the MB announced that it was to withdraw its backing for a new law relating to trade union freedoms and Abu Aita cited its labour minister, Khaled Al Azhari, as being a major problem.
The fight is getting uglier with Mahesh Bhupathi threatening to withdraw from the Olympics and the AITA officials branding the Indian tennis ace as "unmature" for taking the issue to the media.
Aita is suing for Au70m in libel damages - equal to half the film's profits.
He interviews Abu Aita and a caption labels the Bethlehem shopkeeper as a member of the militant al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigade.
Lawyer Joseph Drennan said Mr Abu Aita was never offered a release to sign to appear in the film adding he expected a hearing on Mr Abu Aita's complaint in late January.
Aita filed a lawsuit demanding that the scene in which he appears is removed because it stereotypes an entire people and that the movie is censored.
Ayman Abu Aita said he intends to take the outrageous British comedian to court after a scene in the movie portrayed him as a leader of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, one of the main armed Palestinian groups.
Under the agreement, AITA will offer SiriCOMM's InTouch wireless Internet access service to its estimated 55,000 affiliated drivers, which could significantly expand SiriCOMM's current subscriber base.
That came Friday night with the arrest of 12 Hamas activists in Gaza, including one of its founders, Ibrahim Yazouri, and another leader, Mohsen Abu Aita.
The key benefit of MCDR is its ability to empower health plans with highly granulated data that enables them to truly manage individual care as well as to address large-scale total population challenges," says Sami Aita, MD, CEO of MedcomSoft.