AITEAmerican International Technology Enterprises (American International Group, Inc.)
AITEAlberta Indian Tax Exemption (Canada)
AITEAmerican Indian Teacher Education
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On-demand customer correspondence, including paper statements, costs businesses money to produce while they are under-valued by their recipients, according to Adam Honore, Aite Group senior analyst and report co-author.
FIS[TM] (NYSE:FIS), the world's largest provider of banking and payments technology, announced that Aite Group has honored it with three market-leader awards, raising to 10 the number of such recognitions FIS has received in 2012 for its core bank-processing solutions.
Instant issuance solutions are not cheap; Aite Group's analysis shows instant-issued cards are more than twice the cost of bulk-produced cards, so producing all cards through the instant card-issuance process is not practical for the majority of FIs.
During Q1 and Q2 2014, Aite Group held detailed interviews with market participants in Asia and Europe from 24 top firms in the financial industry to discuss their views on the internationalisation of the RMB, the development of European offshore centres and the current state of play of onshore RMB hubs.
Many institutions are left with little choice but to replace their core systems as they move forward with planned initiatives," Aite Group said in a new report on core vendors.
Based on a January and February 2010 Aite Group survey of 20 of the 40 largest US banks based on asset size, the report reveals that large banks are underutilising technology, relying on transaction-based selling, segmenting their customers by size rather than need, and failing to develop a strategy for migrating small-business customers onto business banking platforms.
The Aite Group report, Trends in State Banking Supervision: A Snapshot View, noted that compliance topics likely to receive the greatest amount of regulatory focus relate to the mortgage industry and are a direct result of the subprime mortgage crisis.
Aite Group identifies several reasons why DNA won its coveted Technology Award, starting with DNA's single code line, which allows the platform to "serve any institution type, regardless of geographic location" - a fact Aite Group identifies as "a key differentiator" that "enables a more focused core development strategy.
Exchange technology helps move health insurance shopping toward consumerism, allow for the right-sizing of benefits, and decrease costs for employers performing administration; however, the existence of an exchange platform does not negate the need for personal interaction to ensure the right plans are offered and employees are making the right decisions on tough, complicated issues," says Michael Trilli, senior analyst in Health Insurance at Aite Group.
The latest report is fourth in a series of reports based on a first quarter 2011 Aite survey of 437 U.
Though Aite Group expects the value of branded prepaid cards to reach $69 billion in 2010, up from $54 billion in 2009, the market faces challenges.
With origination volumes down 36 percent from 2003 and lenders anxious to maintain profitability levels, the Aite Group report, Life After the Boom: A Comparison of the Leading Residential Mortgage Origination Technologies, forecasts that over the next three years, one out of every seven lenders in the United States will enhance its mortgage origination system to remain competitive.