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AIXAdvanced Interactive Executive
AIXAugmentation Index
AIXAdvanced IBM Unix
AIXAmerican Internet Exchange (trademark of Technology Advancement Group, Inc.)
AIXAlternate Image Exploitation
AIXAfter Ion Exchanger
AIXAircraft Interiors Expo (trade show)
AIXAllied Intent Xtended (gaming)
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y We stand behind strong values e explains Patrick Rousseau, IAE Aix Dean, y A public service mission which combines diversity, responsibility and ethics and plays itself out in the implementation of innovative international programmes, personalised guidance support services such as those of the Corporate & Career Services Centre, and putting into place alliances and international partnerships e.
Availability and performance of IBM AIX in the IT environment is critical for providing effective business service.
The best way for these companies to reach the goal of a predictably superior user experience is to manage and optimize the high-performance e-business solutions they deploy on platforms such as IBM's AIX and WebSphere Application Server.
Connectria's IBM AIX Cloud Hosting is designed to run on the reliable IBM Power Systems, leveraging a compelling balance of affordability and performance.
Lot 2 maintenance of software systems by about 25 BULL servers unix aix environment;
By using our knowledge of how AIX and RS/6000 systems work together, we can add considerable value to our clients' businesses through products like SATA-on-AIX.
Dynamic Processor Deallocation, working with AIX, can automatically reassign tasks from a potentially failing processor so applications continue to run.
These rating actions are reflective of the incorporation of AIX Group's members into The Hanover Insurance Group, Inc.
In addition, our MigraSUITE toolset includes 32Direct Solaris to AIX for customers wanting to move 32-bit or 64-bit applications from Solaris to 64-bit AIX 5L on the PowerPC.
a) RISC System/6000 and AIX are trademarks or registered trademarks
In order to meet the challenges for monitoring large, heavily loaded systems, Active Reasoning has optimized both process and file monitoring on the AIX multiprocessor platform.
This new relationship will result in expanded capabilities for Pick value-added resellers because of the Bull DPX/20 computer's ability to accommodate Advanced Pick on AIX, as well as native Pick, and the greatly enhanced range of hardware and software options it affords.