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AKADAntar Kerja Antar Daerah (Indonesia; Intergovernmental Working Inter-Regional)
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No sentence would bring Mr Davenport back but we are grateful that the court has reflected the severity of the crime in jailing Mustaffa Amir El Akad," she said.
Under the terms of the deal, Aurelius bought AKAD Bildungsgesellschaft mbH and AKAD Kolleg fuer Erwachsenenbildung GmbH from publishing group Franz Cornelsen Bildungsgruppe mbH, it said.
Sanharib became the champions of the league after collecting 13 points; Brayati ended the league as runners up after gathering 11 points; Akad won the third place with 11 points; Peshmarga placed fourth with only 1 point.
Last October, the director of the Immunization Department at Sudan's Ministry of Health has resigned in protest against a request by Akad to withdraw money from his department to cover the cost of treatment of wounded Yemenis.
Speaking to participants at a meeting held by the Women Entrepreneurs Association of Turkey (KAGyDER) in ystanbul, Akad underlined that Turkey is among a number of countries that could not avoid excessively issued US Federal Reserve money from entering and staying in Turkey.
Le Marocain Aziz Akad a remporte la 3e etape de la 28e edition du marathon des sables (5-15 avril), disputee mardi entre Jebel El Otfal et Jebel Mouchane (Errachdida) sur une distance de 38 km.
Summary: In spite of losing to Sanharib in the away leg of the final match, akad become Kurdistan league champions
Khartoum, 7 June (SUNA)- The state Minister for Health, Sumaya Idris Akad, has confirmed that while there is no causality reported, three cases of heat exhaustion have been monitored in Halfa locality, Shamalia state of northern Sudan.
Meanwhile, Karouri, who met the state minister of health Sumaia Akad Monday, said they managed to import 12 advanced laboratories including 86 units from the United Kingdom to conduct health tests on traditional miners, saying they no longer need to conduct those tests abroad.
Mythical five team selection, from left, Boyet Bautista, Morsi Akad, Tom Basa, Roel Ansay and Joseph Ubalde.
Auteur d'un chrono de 02h44min35sec, le quadruple vainqueur de l'epreuve a devance Le Jordanien Salameh El Akra, tenant du titre (2h49min06) et l'autre marocain Aziz El Akad, qui a termine troisieme avec 2h49min49sec.
Summary: Akad wins the trophy for the seventh year running