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AKSAcademy of Korean Studies (South Korea)
AKSAkwa-Ibom State
AKSAkateeminen Karjala-Seura (Finnish: Academic Carelia Society)
AKSStores Issue Ship
AKSAkut Koroner Sendrom (Turkish: Acute Coronary Syndrome)
AKSArthroscopic Knee Surgery
AKSActinic Keratosis Society
AKSAçlik kan sekeri (Turkish: fasting blood glucose)
AKSAvtomat Kalashnikova Skladyvayuschimsya (variant of the Russian AK-47 assault rifle)
AKSAssociation of Kratie Students (Cambodia)
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REDUCED HEAT -- AKS charging coils feature industry-lowest resistance, helping reduce device temperatures while charging.
During the study period, more participants treated with fluorouracil had complete clearance of AKs on the face and ears, compared with the control group (P less than .
Arastirmamizda saptadigimiz, NKA grubunun irritabl mizac puanlarinin AKS grubundan daha yuksek olmasi; klinik pratikte aciklanamayan gogus agrisi olan kisilerin psikolojik profillerinin tanimlanmasi ve ongorucu klinik belirteclerin tanimlanmasi acisindan onemli oldugunu dusunmekteyiz.
AKS was formed in 1999 by former University of Liverpool lecturer Dr Talib Al Kadhimi and his nephew Sarmad Shakarchi.
matyti, kad AKS grafikuose vyru ir moteru amziaus grupese egzistuoja kritiniai taskai, kuriuose isskiriamas adaptacijos periodas.
Participants had the AKs on their face and ears marked and photographed by a single experienced dermatologist, Dr.
We are not as big as AKS but we are not insignificant.
AKs usually occur in clusters, so where you notice one, it is a safe bet that there are more lurking under the surface in that same general area.
Comments: AKS 2852 is an extender vehicle for PMS colors.
The conference provided a good opportunity to discuss a large range of experiences and approaches to Agricultural Knowledge Systems (AKS), considering in particular developments in institutional frameworks, public and private roles and partnerships, regulatory frameworks conducive to innovation, the adoption of innovations and technology transfers, and the responsiveness of AKS to broader policy objectives.
To that end, AKS worked extensively with leading wireless chipset manufacturer NXP Semiconductor to ensure that the coil assembly is verified for optimum functionality with NXP chipsets for WPC A11 applications.