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ALGSAlagille Syndrome (liver disease)
ALGSAssociation of London Graduates and Students (UK)
ALGSAlabama Gourd Society
ALGSAutomated Letter Generating System (various organizations)
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Courtney Williams with her son Alex-James, who suffers from Alagille syndrome, which affects his liver and means he is constantly itching
A person with Alagille A person with Alagille syndrome has fewer than the syndrome has fewer than the normal number of small bile normal number of small bile ducts in the liver.
Alagille Syndrome is an autosomal dominant disorder that affects the hepatic, cardiac, skeletal, kidney, and eye systems as well as facial development.
Patients with a rare disease known as Alagille syndrome frequently have mutations in the gene that codes for Jagged-1.
Alagille syndrome is an inherited disorder that closely resembles other forms of liver disease seen in infants and young children.
At first, health visitors thought he was suffering from a type of infant jaundice, but then Alagille Syndrome was diagnosed.
Analysis of cardiovascular phenotype and genotype-phenotype correlation in individuals with a JAG1 mutation and/or Alagille syndrome.
Aaron Higgins' itching is caused by the rare genetic disorder, Alagille syndrome, which has hit vital organs including his heart and liver.
This symptom is usually not as severe as in other conditions such as progressive familial intrahepatic cholestasis or Alagille syndrome.