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ALCONAll Concerned
ALCONAstronomical League Convention
ALCONAll Connections
ALCONAlert Condition
ALCONAlarm Console
ALCONAlexander and Connors (cofounders of ALCON corporation, Fort Worth, Texas)
ALCONAnime League Convention
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The Swiss drugmaker in January exercised an option to buy Nestle's 52 per cent stake in Alcon for an average of $180 a share in cash, giving it 77 per cent of the company.
Novartis AG (Basel CHE) will take full control of Alcon Inc.
Alcon is committed to drive category growth through strong partnership and provides tools and support to make this happen at practice level"
Kosove and Johnson added, We are delighted Angela and Catherine are joining the Alcon family.
Each year Alcon recognizes and honors carriers that have consistently exceeded the transportation and logistics demands set forth by the pharmaceutical manufacturer.
We are very excited to welcome Beacon Industrial to the Alcon sales team.
The automated workflow features of Varicent allow Alcon Japan to facilitate communication of national goals down to the territories.
Based in Fort Worth, TX (where the company was founded), Alcon makes Opti-Free contact lens solution and the popular glaucoma treatment Travatan Z, but a substantial part of its sales comes from its eye surgery products and devices, too, such as equipment for lens removal and insertion, intraocular lenses to replace the eye's natural lens and sterile surgical kits to streamline surgery.
president, United States and chief marketing officer, for Alcon.
The ophthalmic solution, for which Alcon Japan filed a new drug application in June 2003, is currently available in 83 countries worldwide.
Alistair Fergusson, Alcon's managing director, said: 'This is an excellent result for Alcon.