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ALCONAll Concerned
ALCONAstronomical League Convention
ALCONAll Connections
ALCONAlert Condition
ALCONAlarm Console
ALCONAlexander and Connors (cofounders of ALCON corporation, Fort Worth, Texas)
ALCONAnime League Convention
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As a Leadership Partner and the only major contact lens manufacturer supporting the campaign, Alcon works closely with Think About Your Eyes to provide insights and educational information to the public about a number of eye care topics.
a marketing research and consulting firm, Pauras join Alcon from their joint business concern.
Mr Korangy will be responsible for driving the Alcon UK and Ireland business strategy, ensuring accelerated growth in all of Alcon's respective divisions, including surgical and pharmaceuticals, as well as retina and vision care.
This report is built using data and information sourced from Global Markets Direct's proprietary databases, Alcon, Inc.
Under the terms of the agreement, Alcon shareholders will get 2.
The purchase values Alcon at about 25 times net income, compared with an average multiple of 26 for past eye-care acquisitions, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.
The Swiss drugmaker in January exercised an option to buy Nestle's 52 per cent stake in Alcon for an average of $180 a share in cash, giving it 77 per cent of the company.
We are very excited to welcome Beacon Industrial to the Alcon sales team.
Based in Fort Worth, TX (where the company was founded), Alcon makes Opti-Free contact lens solution and the popular glaucoma treatment Travatan Z, but a substantial part of its sales comes from its eye surgery products and devices, too, such as equipment for lens removal and insertion, intraocular lenses to replace the eye's natural lens and sterile surgical kits to streamline surgery.
With governments and auto manufacturers the world over pursuing ways to reduce reliance on crude oil and reduce emissions, one of the favoured current methods--integrating biofuel into the existing fuel market is stimulating the development of new technology such as the new Alcon EXm coil.
The ophthalmic solution, for which Alcon Japan filed a new drug application in June 2003, is currently available in 83 countries worldwide.