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ALDAAssociation of Late-Deafened Adults
ALDAAssociation of Local Democracy Agencies (est. 1999)
ALDAAustralian Learning Disability Association
ALDAAdvanced Life Deferred Annuity (insurance)
ALDAAdult Learning Development Association
ALDAAsociación Larense de Astronomía (Barquisimeto, Venezuela)
ALDAAlabama Dietetic Association
ALDAAmerican Luggage Dealers Association
ALDAAsociación Latinoamericana de Derecho Ambiental (Mexico)
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Construction works of 40 collective dwellings, a local and parking on the ground floor - alda residence in bordeaux - revival of lot 12 metalwork locksmith.
Alda had X-rays and received 10 stitches in a head wound, before being released from hospital early on Friday.
Antonella Valmorbida, Secretary General of the ALDA Association said the project aims to increase women's capacities to promote their participation in public life and political life by organising training sessions for women wishing to run for the next municipal elections.
The house ticked other boxes, too, for the Pettersons, as Alda explained: "We were looking to move into the Harton village area of South Shields to be in the catchment area for some outstanding state schools nearby and in easy walking distance of friends and family.
Selon un communique publie par ALDA, une ADL est un instrument de cooperation decentralisee qui a deja fait ses preuves dans les Balkans, dans l'Europe de l'Est et dans le Caucase (la premiere ADL a ete ouverte en 1993 en Serbie a l'initiative du Congres des Pouvoirs Locaux et Regionaux du Conseil de l'Europe).
Benjamin Franklin "Hawkeye" Pierce played by Alan Alda and Dr.
The Blacklist" (NBC) The beloved TV vet already has six Emmy Awards, and over 30 nominations, but this would be Emmy's last chance to reward Alda for his excellent performance as Alan Fitch, a senior member of the underground crime syndicate the Cabal, who met his untimely end in the episode "The Decembrist.
Alda boasts a portfolio of international tours for famous DJs and Amsterdam-based festivals.
Alda said in an interview with the Archive of American Television that he was so convinced that the late actor was a psychiatrist that he used to sit and talk with him between scenes.
In which US TV drama series did Alan Alda play Senator Arnold Vinick?
BAD POINTS: Wanderlust nosedives at Elysium where Alan Alda deserves better.
Broderick, Affleck and Sidibe, sporting a credible Jamaican accent as the sassy housemaid with safe-cracking abilities, lend solid support, while Alda essays a fittingly loathsome villain with influential friends in the right places.