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ALECAlternate Local Exchange Carrier
ALECAmerican Legislative Exchange Council
ALECAuthorized Linux Education Center
ALECAbbott Laboratories Employees Credit Union
ALECArizona Law and Education Center (est. 2005)
ALECAutomated Labor and Equipment Card
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Why, my son Alec had not yet gone to bed, and he would certainly have heard any one moving about.
He was obviously embarrassed for an instant, while the Inspector raised his eyebrows, and Alec Cunningham burst into a laugh.
Pon my word, I am inclined to agree with Master Alec," said the official.
I am afraid you cannot see her--she is an invalid," replied the present representative of the spurious house; for this was Mr Alec, the only son of the lately deceased gentleman.
Alec looked at Tess as he spoke, in a way that made her blush a little.
I don't think that Alec could have something on his mind for a year or more without my having a pretty shrewd idea of it.
No, no, Alec and Alonzo are two dear boys, and I like them both so much that I really don't know which I like the better.
What did Alec and Alonzo feel like when you came away?
He ran young Alec Simpson of the Courier a mile down the high road last week by the collar of his coat and the slack of his breeches.
Big Alec had never been captured by the fish patrol.
Charley Le Grant and I at the time were under a patrol-man named Carmintel, and the three of us were on the Reindeer, preparing for a trip, when Big Alec stepped aboard.
At first, when the invitations to the party had come, Aunt Janet had said we could not go; but Uncle Alec interceded in our favour, perhaps influenced thereto by Cecily's wistful eyes.