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ALODAwful Link of the Day
ALODApple Logo of Death (computer slang)
ALODAirlock Outfitting Design
ALODAutomatic Lockout & Override Device
ALODAmber Light Of Death
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A licensed issuer and acquirer of MasterCard cards, MEPS said the move is aimed at bringing the total of MasterCard's point-of-sale (POS) devices to 20,000 and alod help enhance its ATM acceptance to cover the entire kingdom.
Fy swyddogaeth i ar y noson oedd cyflwyno Mike ynghyd 'r canwr Henry Priestman (cyn alod o'r Christians) a oedd yn perfformio hefyd a phenderfynais wneud ychydig o ymchwil er mwyn cael ambell stori fach ddoniol i'w defnyddio ar y noson.
Tenders are invited for Ofc construction work for hindoli block gps to be connected to alod