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ALTEAAnomalous Long Term Effects on Astronauts (NASA)
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The improved post-2009 version of the Altea featured sleeker headlights and a re-shaped grille with a smaller central SEAT badge, but otherwise the look was little changed over that of the original model we first saw in 2004.
Seat, a subsidiary of Volkswagen AG (Xetra: VW), has decreased the price of its Altea and Altea XL models for the United Kingdom market.
Amadeus Altea DCS-CM is the ultimate and most widely used airline departure control system to help carriers deliver an optimal customer experience at the airport and beyond.
6-litre common-rail diesel engine technology forms the basis of the Altea E Ecomotive.
The Altea II will further enhance the training for specialist officers to search and intercept illegal drugs from these huge ships, no matter the size.
The airline is currently conducting the detailed planning of its PSS migration and JAL aims to move from its existing PSS to Altea in 3 years.
Makes the job of choosing your own Altea a lot simpler, at least.
Incorporation of Altea will also further strengthen cooperation with the other oneworld member airlines.
A BAS spokesman said the upgrade to Altea will improve efficiency in handling the flights processing operations, both passenger services and load control.
Amadeus' Altea reservations solution currently supports the company's international service, and Southwest has long indicated a desire to operate just one reservation system, operating multiple systems following the acquisition of AirTran and the launch of international service on Southwest.
It means that from this month, the Altea and Altea XL are only available in I Tech trim, with extra Kit but the same price as the outgoing Copa SE.
The successful migration of Qatar Airways to Amadeus Altea Departure Control -- Customer Management and Flight Management is a strategic step towards the transformation of our IT system," said Srinivasan A.