AmBevCompanhia de Bebidas das Americas
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In 2006, AmBev increased its stake in Quinsa to 91% from 57% for US$1.
In September, together with food giant Danone, AmBev bought Compania Salus, also in Uruguay.
In addition to diversifying its risk and cash flow through Labatt, AmBev owns 91% of Quilmes Industrial S.
The amendment discloses that each of Punch Card Capital, ASB and Duma Capital has entered into a Stock Purchase Agreement with Companhia de Bebidas das Americas - AmBev ("AmBev") pursuant to which each investor has agreed to sell its Class A shares, Class B shares and American Depositary Shares ("ADSs") in Quilmes Industrial (Quinsa) (NYSE: LQU)(QUIN.
Annual net profit for AmBev, which was born from the 2000 merger of top Brazilian drinks companies Brahma and Antarctica, rose to a record 784.
AmBev recently posted a 3rd Quarter 70% quarterly increase in year-on-year earnings, and Deutsch Bank says, "We view the 3rd quarter as an appetizer.
I am concerned that one of your subsidiaries, AmBev (NYSE:ABV), is manipulating the board of Quinsa in a manner designed to deprive its minority holders of fair value and avoid proper process.
AmBev has announced that it has accepted for purchase the 3,136,001 Class A shares and 8,239,536.
Citigroup"), for whom AmBev has been a significant client, including in prior purchases of Quinsa shares by AmBev.
An independent committee is absolutely necessary in this case, as a majority of Quinsa's directors are related to AmBev either as employees or directors.
AmBev does not assume responsibility for any violation of such restrictions by any person.
As laid out clearly in the tender documents, there has been no negotiation on price between AmBev and Quinsa.