AmDramAmateur Dramatics
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For the hundred or so young people who crowded onto the stage to give us the betrothal dances, prayer dances and so on, things which give Coppelia its essential charm, things were not quite so fluid and we move into Amdram structures.
But the whole thing mostly resembled an amdram piece presented by YTS conscripts.
Elsewhere performances rarely rise above your average amdram nativity production, though Ciaran Hinds does slice the sacrificial ham pretty thick as Herod.
When a philandering amdram ham and his leading lady lover are found decapitated in their car following a dire musical performance of Romeo & Juliet, while everyone else is quick to write it off as an accident, Angel's trained senses are less convinced.
Yet Monday's first night performance was launched with a rare moment of true amdram mayhem when the curtain on which the preshow video of the sea is projected got stuck halfway.
The larger community of Alvechurch has a lot to offer in terms of facilities such as schools, shops, restaurants, railway station and a marina, but village life in Rowney Green is certainly very active with barn dances, pilates classes, horticultural appreciation and amdram all taking place in the village hall.
Ugly sets, dreary costumes and irritatingly unfocused acting from the company players made this a wayward evening more amdram than pro.
Yet you have to admit that Ayckbourn is bankable and, although the play has appeared on the rep and amdram circuits time and time again, it still manages to pull decent audiences.
The lighting was inadequate, with little in the way of follow spots which turn many seats into graveyard gloom but the sets are cheerful in an amdram kind of way.
Encouraged by his teacher he began to take part in amdram performances with the Riverside Theatre, earning early good reviews for things like The Winslow Boy playing the father.
Lisa paid tribute to her predecessor and added: "I am extremely passionate about Turn Again Theatre, having been involved since 1992 - albeit with an eight years break from AmDrams whilst my kids were young.