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The AS3435 feedback-mode ANC IC and the AS3415, a related product for the feed-forward topo-logy, are ambient noise attenuation solutions chosen by most of the worlds manufacturers of noise-cancelling headphones and earphones.
A set of ambient noise data was collected at off shores, Chennai using the vertical linear array of hydrophones deployed at various locations at 15m depth, off shores Chennai.
Active noise cancellation uses one dedicated microphone and an electronic chipset to generate an "anti-noise" sound, removing ambient noise around the user that he would otherwise hear as well.
The rack features an adjustable temperature set point, a polycarbonate front door to reduce ambient noise and an automatic door release mechanism.
The first, most obvious step to cutting down on ambient noise is to eliminate the background sounds you can control.
One of the biggest contributors to a classroom's ambient noise level has traditionally been a school's HVAC system, regardless of whether it is roof mounted or wall mounted.
To ensure intelligibility and minimize annoyance from ambient noise levels, the voice signal at a conferencing microphone needs to be at least 25 dB sound pressure level above the ambient noise level.
THESE Japanese musicians make heavy psychedelic rock with some ambient noise thrown in for good measure.
Keltica are to record "in-frasounds" within both the Hill of Tara tombs and Ireland's ancient Newgrange site and mix the resulting ambient noise with lead singer Keslyn's vocal tracks.
Velocity records of mining induced seismic events and ambient noise are used for presented paper.
Tinnitus is commonly described as ringing, whistling, buzzing or humming in the ear or the head, which can occur at a range of volumes from low, ambient noise to a level that can seem overwhelming.
If you can't hold a normal conversation with the person sat next to you, that means there's too much ambient noise.
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