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Several days later, bits and pieces began to bump against the wharf at Ambunti.
A most knowledgeable man, he had beaten the garamut by incarcerating visitors to Ambunti who would have seen his preparations, and sending out a message on the drums that he was on to his way to Maprik to investigate village toilet systems, a story guaranteed to put idle hands to work, and minds on matters far removed from a massacre.
At the Ambunti license, fieldwork was conducted on the Banang and the Waskuk prospects.
With relatively minor expenditures, drill targets will be identified at the Ambunti, West New Britain, Kairiru Island, Gazelle Peninsula and Wide Bay licenses.
Preparations are underway to commence exploration in late March on the Sumwari license and to resume exploration at the Ambunti license.
In the Ambunti license area fieldwork was concentrated on the Banang Prospect (formerly the Yerikai Prospect) where a first stage of bulldozer cross cut trenching and benching was completed along more than 600 metres strike length of mineralization in Banang Creek.
Having met its statutory obligations in this regard, Indo Pacific is concentrating its exploration efforts on three license areas: Bowutu Mountains, Dawa Dawa and Ambunti, which can be advanced rapidly to the drilling phase and have the potential to deliver particularly exciting results.
Indo Pacific is pleased to announce that the bulldozer which was barged onto site at the Yerikai Prospect, Ambunti license area in late October has completed the access road from the Sepik River to the base camp.
After a lengthy delay Indo Pacific reports that a bulldozer will commence its trip up the Sepik River from Madang to the Company's Yerikai prospect, Ambunti License area, within the next 7 days at which time trenching and drill pad preparation will be initiated.
In the Ambunti exploration license, arrangements are underway to barge the Company's bulldozer from Madeng onto site at the Yerikai Prospect.