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AMD64Advanced Micro Devices 64 Bit
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Cluster computing users in particular will appreciate the availability of Wolfram Research's gridMathematica for AMD64 that provides a smooth migration path from scalar 32-bit computing to parallel 64-bit computing.
The AMD64 technology lets users continue working with current 32-bit software and hardware yet presents them with an upgrade path to a 64-bit computing environment.
The AMD64 Longevity Program makes select AMD64 technology available for a longer-than-standard timeframe and now includes Second-Generation AMD Opteron processors and the AMD Athlon 64 X2 dual-core and AMD Athlon 64 processors.
Unlike other dual-core systems, migrating to dual-core processing based on AMD64 technology can be seamless, thanks to a non-disruptive upgrade path.
2007: Systems that feature AMD's Better by Design label incorporate high-performance and energy-efficient AMD64 dual-core processors, superior graphics and wireless network performance, and other superior technologies that meet and exceed the demands of even the most advanced Windows Vista applications.
Partners ATI, NVIDIA, SiS, ULi and VIA will be offering a broad range of PCI Express solutions for AMD64 desktop platforms.
The AMD64 Longevity Program offers a select set of AMD64 processors with an extended standard availability period of five years--addressing the requirements of customers designing products for network, storage, blade and telecommunications servers; digital imaging; and military and industrial controls systems.
Socket AM2- compatible processors are designed to enhance the award-winning AMD64 architecture, enabling next-generation platform innovations such as AMD-Virtualization[TM] technology and high-performance, un-buffered DDR2 memory.
The combination of our extreme gaming system and the power of AMD64 technology means that PC users can have mind-blowing performance wherever they go," said Frank Azor, senior vice president, Alienware Worldwide Product Group.
With AMD64 computing power and VISTAGY's EnCapta software applications, manufacturers can develop product models of any size or level of complexity with improved precision and accuracy.
The AMD64 platform enables best-in-class performance, while allowing customers to seamlessly transition to powerful 64-bit applications as we move closer to the day when 32-bit-only systems will become obsolete," said Marty Seyer, corporate vice president and general manager of AMD's Microprocessor Business Unit.
By leveraging the advantages of AMD64 with Direct Connect Architecture and HyperTransport(TM) technology, OEMs will be able to standardize on a Torrenza Innovation Socket for many of their current and future server platforms.