AMEIAssociation of Musical Electronics Industry (Japan)
AMEIAmerican Music Education Initiative (National Music Foundation)
AMEIAssociazione Musei Ecclesiastici Italiani (Italian: Italian Ecclesiastical Museums Association; Pisa, Italy)
AMEIAtitude Movimento Estudantil Independente (Portuguese: Attitude Independent Student Movement; Brazil)
AMEIAssociation of Medical Expenses Insurers
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On a similar note, the soon-mother-in-law to be, Amei, shared her expected heterogeneous practice of xiao in diasporic context: I have to call myself lucky.
AMEI would be responsible for fundraising, including reaching out to individuals and local foundations, Mrs.
x) AMEI, experiment with squid catch by jigging machine; AME2, experiment with squid catch by bottom trawl.
The Art Kaleidoscope Foundation recently released Marion Cajori and Amei Wallach's film of the famous artist, Louise Bourgeois: The Spider, The Mistress and The Tangerine, which works through a vast amount of information on the artist's life in only 99 minutes.
Noswaith neu ddwy ynghynt yr oedd Maer Tref Rhuthun wedi cael ei wisgo mewn clogyn trwmcoch ar noson boeth a chadwen dromwerthfawr amei wddf yng ngwydd cyd-gynghorwyr, teulu a chyfeillion.
de qualquer modo hei de enterra-lo e será belo para mim morrer cumprindo esse dever: repousarei ao lado dele, amado por quem tanto amei e santo é o meu delito, pois terei de amar os mortos muito, muito tempo mais que aos vivos.
19) Amei bu xihuan huang meigui, hong-de hai keyi Amei NEG like yellow rose red--SUB still acceptable 'Amei doesn't like yellow roses, red ones are still ok.
actual) MEI values and AMEI values constructed using MEI inflation proxies and the national PPCIS cost shares.
WTSW's engagement with AMEI to provide Internet-based long distance telephony (VoIP) to all of our customers will further enhance our revenue stream.
The UAE car industry is expected to register 7-10 per cent increase in sales next year, but Kia is expected to see around 13-15 per cent growth," Amei Ramesh, general manager at Al Majid Motors Co, told Gulf News.
Derbyniodd hefyd wobr Mary Vaughan Jones yn 1991 amei gyfraniad i lenyddiaeth plant yng Nghymru.