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Locus Size Range Chromosome Dye Label Designation (base pairs) Location (1) Blue d3S1358 114-142 3p Blue vWA 157-197 12p Blue FGA 219-267 4q Green Amelogenin 107 and 113 X (107), Y(113) Green D8S117 128-168 8p Green D21S11 218-242 2p Green D18S51 273-341 18q Yellow D5S818 135-171 5q Yellow D13S317 206-234 13q Yellow D7S820 254-294 7q Variable Repeated Dye Label Sequence Motif (2) Blue (TCTG)(1-3) (TCTA) (n) Blue (TCTG) (3-4) (TCTA) (n) Blue (CTTT) (n) Green Green (TCTA) (n) (TCTG) (n)--(TCTA) (n) Green (TCTR (3)) (n) Green (AGAA) (n) Yellow (AGAT) (n) Yellow (GATA) (n) Yellow (GATA) (n) This table is modified from the AmpFlsTr[R] ProfilerPlus kit manual.
About a decade ago, she and her colleagues came upon a clue to how amelogenin might work in the formation of enamel.
A pure sample of female DNA was isolated from the external surface of the condom as determined by exclusive amplification of the X-chromosome-specific 212-base pair amelogenin marker.
And because tooth enamel mineralization resembles the process of bone formation, isolation of the amelogenin gene may aid in detecting genes involved in inherited bone defects.
sets for personal identification in the system at least 15 STR loci and amelogenin locus, laboratory reagents for the detection of human sperm using microscopic and visual, chemical reagents, chemical reagents used molecular biology, platinum wire, accessories, materials and reagents laboratory standards for gas chromatography, reagents and materials used to carry out genetic studies on the device 7500 Real Time and sequencer 3500, test tubes and pipette tips, the set of seals at the headspace vials with aluminum caps with caps, test strips to reveal traces of blood and semen, DNA isolation kits.
Based on the amelogenin gene located on the conservation region of X- and Y- chromosomes, a pair of primers was utilized and the system of PCR was established to amplify a 262 bp fragment from the X-chromosome in female goats, and a 262 bp fragment from X-chromosome and 202 bp fragment from the Y- chromosome in male goats, respectively.
Primer set B contained primers to amplify the human amelogenin gene [AMELX, GenBank NM 001142 X-chromosome, and AMELY (also known as HUMAMELY), GenBank NM 001143 Y-chromosome]: forward, TGA CCA GCT TGG TTC TAW(A/T) CCC A, position 534 (X)/545 (Y), and reverse, CAR(A/G) ATG AGR(A/G) AAA CCA GGG TTC CA, position 823C (X)/649C (Y).
Biora's main product EMDOGAIN(R) contains the enamel protein Amelogenin.
sets for personal identification in the system at least 15 STR loci and amelogenin locus, reagents used to conduct genetic testing on the device 7500 Real Time and sequencer 3500, sets multiplex for the quantitative determination of human and male DNA technique "real time PCR" DNA isolation kits, test strips for the rapid identification of human body fluids, FOB tests, laboratory reagents for the detection of human sperm and visual microscopic method, supply of chemical reagents, chemical reagents used in molecular biology, accessories and laboratory supplies, materials laboratory to carry out tests and analyzes chemical and biological properties,
A real-time PCR protocol to determine the number of amelogenin (X-Y) gene copies from forensic DNA samples.
Its key component, amelogenin, is a structural protein produced during normal tooth development.
With the ampFLSTR SGM Plus, we could amplify 11 different loci, but only results for the Amelogenin amplicons are presented here.