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AMENAgence des Médias Numériques (French: Digital Media Agency)
AMENAIDS in Multi-Ethnic Neighborhoods (San Francisco, CA; study)
AMENArlingtonians Meeting Emergency Needs, Inc (formerly Arlingtonians Ministering to Emergency Needs, Inc.)
AMENAssociation of Medical Esthetic Nurses
AMENAnacostia Men's Employment Network
AMENArea Ministry for Emergency Needs
AMENArlingtonians Ministering to Emergency Needs, Inc.
AMENAdvanced Manufacturing Education Network
AMENApplied Mathematics E-Note
AMENAlabama Micro Enterprise Network
AMENAviation Maintenance Engineering Analysis System
AMENAksie Mobilisering En Nasorg
AMENAssociation of the Malicious, Evil and Nefarious (website)
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The acquisition by the IFC of a 10% stake in Amen Bank is very positive.
The AMEn values of various diets were calculated by correction to zero nitrogen retention according to Hill and Anderson (1958) using the following formula with appropriate corrections made for differences in DM content:
Amen, MD, psychiatrist and founder of Amen Clinics, who is referenced in the published article but did not participate in this particular study, says, "This study points to a significant advancement in the care of people who suffer with ADHD and other psychiatric disorders.
Amen is responsible for promoting the Elks' key goals of community service, assistance for veterans and the less fortunate, and sponsorship of youth programs and scholarships.
Nearly 75% of distressed callers into Amen are suffering a combination of verbal, psychological and financial abuse, the report said.
This partnership is expected to help Amen Bank extend its credit services to small enterprises which have frequently difficulties getting the necessary financing for their development.
Amen will be speaking in Chicago, IL on September 20-22, 2012 at the A4M Conference.
The alcohol culture is really about the environment and the experience," says Amen, who sees tea as medicine.
I tell them not to forget about the actual physical health of the brain when they treat people who struggle," Amen says.
Amen seemed all set for that major breakthrough when their We Have Come For Your Parents album picked up a stack of five-star reviews in 2000, but it suddenly turned sour and Chaos had to fall back on the cash he earned in his previous incarnation as a professional skateboarder
Department of Justice announced an indictment of Amen and 11 others.
For example, one who recites the prayer over bread must not begin eating "until amen has been completed in the mouths of the responders.