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AMICIAssociazione Malattie Infiammatorie Croniche Intestinali (Italian: Association of Inflammatory Bowel Disease)
AMICIAssociation for the Memory of Italo-Canadian Immigrants (Vaughan, Ontario, Canada)
AMICIAmerican Militaria Italian Collectors International (Italian military history organization)
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Amici maintain that while qui tam actions can serve an important purpose, they have long been subject to abuse.
Amicus briefs, carefully crafted and designed to intertwine but not overlap with either the party's brief or other amici, can fill in important aspects of the story on a case and help obtain discretionary review as well as a victory on the merits.
almost without exception, (64) states as amici value the interest in the
This trend towards increasing tolerance for amici curiae has become a feature of the investor-state system.
In the best amicus briefs, the interests of the amici are slightly different from those of the parties to the case, or the amici seek to introduce variations of the parties' arguments or to raise policy concerns that may influence the court's decision.
In Plains Commerce Bank, the focus of amici on both sides was a review of the pertinent precedents as discussed by the parties, as well as wide-ranging discussion of likely policy ramifications.
Edward Sigmond, the company's Chairman and chief executive officer, said 'We are very excited about the opportunity to have the Amici brand as part of our company.
55) Today, states vary widely concerning the rules which govern filing of amici curiae.
Each case presents a unique combination of lower court opinions on the issue, Supreme Court precedent, impact on the amici, and the like.
In recent years, many courts have even relied on this supposed history to refuse to permit interested non-parties to file amicus briefs, on the theory that only the disinterested are eligible to become amici.
The trailer started to swing out to the side and entered the westbound traffic lanes and collided'' with the 1997 Toyota Tacoma pickup driven by Amici, CHP Officer Rusty Moore said.
All applications shall include a statement as to which other entities, defense organizations, industry associations, and the like have been requested to be amici and whether or not they have agreed.