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AMIDAAutoantibody Mediated Identification of Antigens
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112) Since the idea of salvation depending on the other supreme being differs drastically from Indian Buddhism, Amida Buddhism is believed to have originated in central Asia rather than India proper, and emerged in contact with Zoroastrianism and Manichaeism.
And, when we think on the Buddha, we naturally say NAMU AMIDA BUTSU .
The replica of Amida Nyorai (Amitabha Tathagata) was handed over in a ceremony featuring Buddhist rituals and prayers and attended by Buddhist scholars and monks from Japan, South Korea, India and Nepal.
The biblical stories became garbled, and after the expulsion of the Jesuits, the confused tangle of beliefs that was Japanese Christianity took refuge with Amida Buddhism until contact with the west was resumed in the later nineteenth century.
Is Amida Buddha a divine manifestation in whom one might actually take refuge?
The editors of the Mishna set this teaching in a discussion of the "blessings of enjoyment," such as after eating; while the editors of the Tosefta placed the identical teaching in a discussion of the laws of the Amida, the statutory prayer.
40, points to the first benedictions of supplication in the Amida that address God as father in the Palestinian rite.
Like most Vietnamese, she would have been a Mahayana Buddhist of the Amida (Amitabha) School, where the main figure is the Buddha of the Western Peace to whom one can travel by perfecting oneself in life so that at death one can live in the Western Paradise, visualized as a spiritual realm somewhere "West" in the direction of India, from which Buddhism first arrived.
Back in 1983 Webster, formerly of Hatching Green, Herts, admitted making a bogus insurance claim after _ a burglary at his computer firm, Amida Systems Ltd.
For what happened at a Monophysite stronghold called Amida, modern Diyarbakir not many miles east of Alahan, we have the accounts of the historian John of Ephesus, who wrote in Syriac, the language of the countryside which resented the Greek speakers in the cities with their borrowed culture.
Quartenary ammonium (South Korea) - 1,800 tons Coco diethanol amida - 800 tons Pearlescent agent - 300 tons 29.
Similarly, if we accept the evidence of the above-mentioned letter, we note that Lazar selected Amida (with its hellenized Syrian ambience) as his place of refuge until it was possible for him to return to Armenia.