AMLOAndres Manuel Lopez Obrador
AMLOAnti-Money Laundering Office
AMLOAir Mobility Liaison Officer
AMLOAssistant Military Landing Officer (UK)
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Shannon O'Neil, senior fellow for Latin America Studies at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), explained that Ebrard and his predecessor, AMLO, "went street by street in the Centro Historico and got rid of the ambulantes.
Arrive deuxieme a la presidentielle derriere Enrique PeEa Nieto (38,2%), candidat du Parti revolutionnaire institutionnel (PRI), qui a dirige le pays sans discontinuer de 1929 a 2000, AMLO (31,6%) accuse notamment le PRI d'avoir achete des voix et depasse les plafonds de depenses de campagne.
Critics laughed, but in the last weeks support among voters for AMLO began to rise.
AMLO remains the most popular--if polemical--politico in Mexico with powers of convocation that far exceed any other party's front-running candidates.
Lopez Obrador's characterization by critics as a "danger to Mexico" may have been the work of Morris who described AMLO as "an ultra-leftist" in his column in the New York Post.
4) See also Jorge Volpi, "Carta abierta a AMLO," and Carlos Monsivais's criticism of Mexican intellectuals' role in the 2006 elections in "We are living in a Time of Pillage," 10-11.
But AMLO and his supporters demanded a full recount of the votes and vowed the demonstrations wouldn't stop until that happened.
On July 6, AMLO was declared the runner-up in the narrowest presidential election in Mexican history.
AMLO has struck a more moderate image in the past few months, especially since Felipe Calderon, the candidate of President Vicente Fox's party, PAN, began hitting on his Marxist bent.
Last year, there was an attempt to impeach Amlo, as he is popularly known, for ignoring a court order to stop building a road to a hospital.
The election of AMLO will provide a test in terms of economic direction," says Molano, who believes that some observers are going to attempt to demonize AMLO as being somehow "dangerous" to the United States, a view he finds ridiculous.
A few notable additions include the AMLO, ComCam, and AMOS.