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AMNAirman (USAF rank)
AMNAdrenomyeloneuropathy (form of neurological disease ALD)
AMNAdvanced Media Network
AMNArt Museum Network
AMNAmerican Medical News
AMNAbstract Machine Notation (formal methods)
AMNArtificial Mains Network
AMNAny Minute Now
AMNAmerican Mobile Nurses
AMNActa Musei Napocensis
AMNAutonomous Maritime Navigation
AMNAnnuity Market News
AMNAnsaldo Meccanico Nucleare
AMNAir Management Node (BFTT/CSTS system on LHD class ships)
AMNAlkali Metal Nitrite
AMNAccess Media Network, Inc.
AMNAmerican Motorcycle Network
AMN(USN Rating) Aviation Structural Mechanic (Hydraulics)
AMNAfghan Mission Network (information system)
AMNAmicale Motocycliste de Nice (French: Friendly Riders of Nice; motorcycle club; Nice, France)
AMNAboriginal Mapping Network (est. 1998; Canada)
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He succeeds Bob Livonius, who will still serve AMN as Executive Advisor.
Speakers said after the formation of Amn Sharishtas, it is the responsibility of tribesmen to establish peace and certainty and do not allow any culprits to enter the area.
In a press statement, the Amn Tehreek said, the security situation of Malakand division, Swat, Buner and Dir was discussed in detail.
The drug has already completed pre-clinical testing and a Phase I/IIa human trial in AMN.
Hitachi Telecom's product, an enhanced version of the AMN 6100, offers unique and dynamic system adjustment based on optical switched traffic such that the DWDM system performance is automatically maintained at peak levels no matter the constant switching and traffic reconfigurations caused by either OEO or all-optical switches.
The transaction is structured to allow AMN to realize tax benefits having an estimated net present value of approximately $25 million.
If you own shares of AMN and would like to learn more about these claims or if you wish to discuss these matters and have any questions concerning this announcement or your rights, contact Matthew Houston toll free at (877) 935-7400 or to sign up online, visit www.
As seen by AMN Healthcare, the nation's largest supplier of nursing, healthcare staffing and workforce solutions, demand for nurses is rising rapidly.
Brian Scott, Chief Financial Officer of AMN Healthcare, will be attending the conference which consists of small group and one-on-one investor meetings.
Four stocks meeting this screen's exclusive criteria are AMN Healthcare Services, Inc.
14, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Susan Salka, CEO and President of AMN Healthcare, has been named to Global Power 100 -- Women in Staffing, a recognition of influencers and innovators by Staffing Industry Analysts.