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AMPEDAsymmetric Multi-Process Event-Driven
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This newly issued patent for systems and methods for signal amplification, US Patent 9,359,637, broadens coverage of the invention--termed Amped --to now include methods of use of the technology, not just confined to product kits containing the proprietary signal amplifying polymer, for detection of any diagnostic target of interest such as proteins and nucleic acids.
Amped Software's seminar, titled “Productive Forensic Video Analysis: Converting DVR Videos, Enhancing Images and Preparing a Report for the Courtroom with Amped FIVE” will take place at the Seminar Theatre on Tuesday, 21 April from 09:55 - 10:20.
DHW: In Amped, children who are diagnosed with ADHD are given neural implants that can recognize a state of distracted inattention and then stimulate the brain toward a state of focused concentration.
But Wilson taps into something primal with Amped, some of the deep questions about medical ethics, the social effects of technology, and the way that class and politics make technological questions much harder to resolve.
SingTel said AMPed is also the first mobile operator-offered service in the world to offer customers unlimited song downloads of Taiwanese singing sensation, Jay Chou.
com; 715-762-2260) is rightfully amped up about the new Cuddeback 5.
After meeting the rising star in person, Isis is more than amped for her next dose of Naughton in the upcoming remake of the 1980s classic Fame.
This is not just an amped up version of the brewery's White Ale, although it shares spice and flavor characteristics with that beer.
So far Obama is amped up, but does it matter a hill of beans?
Couple our Heart Guide with the Billy Blanks Amped Moves workout, and customers will be on their way to battling heart disease.
I think the guys are pretty amped up to play now, which is important leading into the first game.
The duo's journey over a wide stylistic terrain is sometimes too smooth to groove but, at best, their laid back charm is matched to amped up energy and solar splendour results.