AMRUAgroecosystem Management Research Unit (USDA)
AMRUAnticipate Mandrel Retraction Unit (bending machine)
AMRUAlberta Minor Rugby Union (Canada)
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Edstein from AMRU worked at AFRIMS primarily on preclinical drug development and clinical evaluation of standard and new antimalarial drugs.
Amru Muawad, an assistant to Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry stated that the "pardoning" by Saudi Arabian authorities arrives in light of King Salman's succession to power.
Khartoum, April 2(SUNA)-The Egyptian Artist, Amru Ramzi has commended support and sponsorship of President of the Republic, Omer Al-Bashir to the Sons of the Nile Initiative.
Khairallah was more forthcoming, fingering Amru Jawiche as his most threatening competitor.
If you tell a producer that a site is the source of lots of flies and needs cleaning up, that producer wants to know if it is worth the time and expense," says AMRU entomologist David Taylor.
Another report from Amru bin Syu'aib state that, "Umar has made it compulsory for gold owners to pay 1000 dinar, silver owners to pay 12,000 dirham, 200 cows for cow owners, 2,000 goats for goat owners and 200 complete sets of clothing for clothes owners.
Ha sido facilisimo demostrar por medio de citas muy claras, que muchos antes de los arabes, los cristianos habian destruido los libros paganos de Alejandria con el mismo teson con que habian destruido las estatuas, y por consiguiente que Amru no quemo ni hallo libros que quemar>>.
Amru said he does not support any opposition group, saying that none of them care about fighters on the ground.
The occasion was also attended by a host of dignitaries including the general guide of MB Mohammed Badi and leader of Sudan's ex-opposition Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) Mohammed Osman Al-Mirghani as well as Egypt's former Secretary General of the Arab League Amru Mosa.
In a thrilling match, Bahl edged out Mujahid Ali Khan 6-4, 3-6, 1-0 (8), while Joshua D'Silva won 1-6, 7-6, 1-0 (3) against Amru Jiff.
She is often filmed with anti-Assad protesters and among the people trapped in Baba Amru, a part of Hums (Syria's third largest city) which was bombarded for a month to March 1 - where over 700 people were killed including Western journalists trapped in that area.
She was the first international observer allowed to visit Baba Amru since Assad forces took control of it on March 1 after a horrible month-long bombardment.