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DYRDo Your Research
DYRDynamic Range (measurement)
DYRDutch Youth Regatta (Netherlands)
DYRDeveloping the Young Reader (science fiction)
DYRAnadyr (Russia)
DYRDo You Remember (song)
DYRDig Your Roots (Canadian music artists)
DYRDentsu Young & Rubicam (advertising agency)
DYRDeaf Youth Rainbow
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In areas without hunting pressure, however, belugas appear to habituate to frequent and loud noises, as in the Anadyr River (see discussion in Huntington et al.
Sabine's gulls are believed to winter in the Gulf of Anadyr near the southern peninsula coast (Trukhin and Kosygin, 1987).
Farther north in Russia, juvenile growth of chum salmon departing the Anadyr River was relatively stable from the early 1960s to the late 2000s, but slightly higher in the late 1990s (Zavolokin et al.
In July 2011, Steinhardt and Bindi rendezvoused with their team in Anadyr, capital of Siberia's Chukotka region.
A company made a test flight in a helicopter last week between Anadyr in Chukotka and Anchorage, stopping in Nome along the way.
Its charter operation shuttles passengers to the Russian Far East destinations of Provideniya and Anadyr.
Further, during the Sartan Ice Age there was a forest refugium in the middle reach of the Anadyr (Kozhevnikov and Zheleznov-Chokotskij 1995) where a moose population most closely related to Alaskan moose might have existed.
The Chelsea boss and his second wife Irina split in Anadyr, Chuktoka, Russia, where he is governor.
Chinese telecomms equipment producer Huawei is providing equipment for the network, which will cover Chukotka's capital Anadyr and two other towns.
This secrecy was an important precondition of Operation ANADYR ([dagger]); by narrowing as much as possible the circle of those who knew about its existence, its planners could more easily prevent inadvertent leaks of information.
As Geographical went to press, they were awaiting an appeal hearing in Anadyr.
The pair have been staying in the remote village of Lavrenty, 500 miles north east of the provincial capital Anadyr.