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ANOVAAnalysis of Variance
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In analysis of variance indicated that the effect of experimental treatments on seedling height, on diameter collar, on leaf surface and on the ratio root to shoot in level of statistical 1% is significant also analysis of variance showed that only the main effect degree density at the probability of 1% on root volume and on root surface is significant (Table 1).
Analysis of variance showed that different doses of nitrogen alone and in combination with constant doses of phosphorus and potassium had significant effect on number of leaves per plant.
Table 2 shows the results of an analysis of variance and Duncan's mean separation test for the compressive strength of calabrian pine wood.
05) * Significance level for effect of breed from analysis of variance where designated (1) Mean Feed Efficiency = kilograms per kilogram of gain Table 2.
A Friedman analysis of variance revealed statistically insignificant differences in the mean item ranks, [chi square] (24,n=6)=29.
The analysis of variance has its own terminology that is somewhat different, so we will first explore terms.
This book requires a good understanding of analysis of variance but not advanced linear model theory or matrix algebra.
An analysis of variance test for intercountry differences resulted in an F of 2.
Univariate analysis of variance of differences in AIDS knowledge across schools revealed no significant differences by gender or by sexual experience.
Mild departure from the assumptions of normality and homogeneity of variance among the cells poses no serious problem in interpreting the outcome of an analysis of variance when the n's are equal.
Analysis of variance (ANOVA TM) results are summarized available upon request.
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