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ANEMAsocijacija Nezavisnih Elektronskih Medija
ANEMAssociazione Nazionale Esercenti Multiplex (Italian: National Association of Multiplex Merchants; est. 1999)
ANEMAmplified Noise Eliminating Module
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Amy Farrow, 12, posts a suggestion, above right, and lines up with fellow Acklam Grange pupils, from left, Anem Ahmed, 12, Sam Matthewman, 13, and Nathan Ramsden, 12, and staff Mike Johnson, Emma Bennison and John Jones, above and top left 221113ACKLAM_05 KATIE LUNN
In particular, Anem, Aria, Lamogai and Mouk villagers residing in the bush did not trust Kombei and Lusi villagers on the coast who had become heavily involved in cash crops, commerce, education and national politics (cf.
He points to an absurd dilemma facing ANEM affiliates awaiting approval of their license applications.
Adolescent firstborns, for example, are denied parental permission to attend soccer matches in Kaliai, youth club dances at Tamuniai, to visit such places as the local administration centre at Cape Gloucester in the Kilenge District or the provincial capital at Kimbe because of the necessity for traveling through the domain of (Kilenge, Kaliai, Anem, Kove) trade-friends.
ANEM (Association of Independent Electronic Media): www.
Summary: Over 900 job-seekers have registered at the National Employment Agency (ANEM) during the National Employment Fair (Salem 2009), organized last week, according to the ANEM.
Yele- West New Britain Yele West New Britain Anem Ata (= Pele-Ata = Wasi) East New Britain Baining Taulil Butam (extinct) North Bougainville Rotokas Konua South Bougainville Nasioi Nagovisi Buin (= Telei) Motuna (= Siwai) Central Solomons Bilua Baniata Lavukaleve Savosavo Isolates Kol (New Britain) Sulka (New Britain) Kuot (= Panaras) (New Ireland)
The myth of Titikolo establishes the course of Anem history as a series of eras, in succession each emerging apocalyptically from the former; (some mythic elements indicate Christian influence).
283 demandes d'emploi ont ete enregistrees aupres des agences ANEM de Bejaia en 2013, selon les statistiques etablies par la direction de l'emploi, tandis que les placements effectues s'elevent a 15.
Un autre a eu lieu encore en septembre dernier et a reuni les responsables des agences Anem (56) des dix wilayas de la region est du pays.
Ali Feraoun, ancien cadre du ministere de l'Agriculture, en presence des representants de la CNMA et de la DSA mais aussi sur les dispositifs de creation d'emploi dans le secteur de l'artisanat: Ansej, Angem, Cnac, Anem animees par des cadres de la Direction du tourisme et de l'artisanat autour de l'emploi de la wilaya de Tizi-Ouzou.