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ASHTAnglo Sikh Heritage Trail (UK)
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Harbinder Singh Rana of Britain's Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail, worked over the last year to select, train and equip the British Sikhs with period uniforms and rifles so that last week's re- enactment was accurate in all respects.
He has done great work for the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail and is a close friend of Prince Charles.
He met Charles through his work with the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail, which aims to promote awareness of the links between Sikhs and Britons.
He said he had met Charles a number of times through his work for the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail - a group that promotes the Sikh community in Britain.
The exhibition is supported by English Heritage, the Army, the Imperial War Museum and the Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail.
The Anglo Sikh Heritage Trail (ASHT) in association with the British Army hosted an evening to honour the brave contribution of Sikh soldiers in military history.
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