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ANMWAssociation of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers (Reading, UK)
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The ANMW says it is encouraged that the OFT has recognised that exclusive wholesale territories for newspapers are crucial if the current universal service is to be maintained.
Instead, the ANMW supports a revised, all-embracing code of practice, backed by an industry ombudsman and a modified industry consultation process.
ANMW director general Terry Perry said retailers must now shoulder the brunt of these costs through increases in carriage charges planned by wholesalers for January 2002, unless newspaper publishers agree to contribute to costs.
The ANMW represents all three major newspaper wholesalers -- WHSmith, Surridge Dawson, and Menzies -- as well as independent wholesalers.
Although the drop in the number of primary and secondary newsagents is a concern, the ANMW says it is not surprising given the changing shopping patterns as consumers make more use of supermarkets and c-stores.
Of greater concern, and an issue for all sectors to consider, says the ANMW, is the potential impact on home delivery levels.
Cost of distribution had risen considerably and ANMW members had no option but to increase charges to retailers, Perry said.
NFRN chief executive Roger Clarke repeated his threat to take legal action against the ANMW if the carriage charge issue is not resolved by the end of the year (The Grocer, June 12, p14).
What I couldn't work out was why all the members of ANMW were playing for all the teams at the same time.
The guys from ANMW had worked this out and had succeeded in playing for everybody making sure that they had secured a bigger share of less and less and avoid relegation.
He had written to the ANMW formally rejecting the proposed increase and demanding carriage charges be frozen "until all sides have reached an agreement".
And he warned: "We will begin legal action against the ANMW and its members if the carriage charge issue is not resolved this year.