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ITT Exelis (NYSE: XLS) recently delivered the 500th state-of-the-art antenna that provides global positioning system (GPS) anti-jam protection for U.
Landshield is a low cost, small form factor, robust and highly efficient GPS anti-jam device with an integrated antenna array which has been developed using a proven Application Specific Integrated Circuit drawing upon Raytheon's 20 year heritage in the GPS-AJ domain.
MiniGAS is the latest in Raytheon's GPS Anti-Jam family of products, and it aims to be the lightest and smallest GPS Anti-Jamming system produced by Raytheon UK.
Many of the military platforms used in operations are protected by the proven Raytheon GPS anti-jam technology, and the first order for our Land GPS AJ product family marks a significant success.
Army users communicate using the Milstar satellites via two ground terminals--the single channel anti-jam manportable terminal and the secure mobile anti-jam reliable tactical Terminal.
EMS D&SS announced April 9 at the National Space Symposium that it has made its military-grade anti-jam beam management system available to its commercial space customers.
Like the first EPS payload, the second successfully used flight-proven components, dramatically lowering development risk, cost and schedule of the highly advanced anti-jam payloads," Linsky said.
The Air Force's next-generation GPS III satellites will enhance position, navigation and timing services and provide advanced anti-jam capabilities yielding superior system security, accuracy and reliability.
Navy for the production of anti-jam Global Positioning System antennas for the Marine Corps AV-8B Harrier aircraft.
Raytheon submitted a proposal to the Air Force in June for the Family of Advanced Beyond Line of Sight Terminals (FAB-T) alternate program, which will provide secure, anti-jam, communications for the U.
The missile is fitted out with a data link for midcourse guidance and with an anti-jam Global Positioning System.