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HEALTHY OPTION GM tomatoes have extra disease-fighting anti-oxidants
The authors describe the debatable modulating role of phenolic natural products in balancing oxidation and anti-oxidation suggesting that these redox-active molecules may play dual roles and their behaviour to act as prooxidants or anti-oxidants depends on the microoxygen environment of the cells.
4 CHERRIES, especially tart cherries, are exceptionally rich in anti-oxidants, such as lutein, zeaxanthin and beta carotene.
More and more food producers are looking to boost the anti-oxidant capacity of their products," says Melindee Hastie, who heads RSSL's Functional Ingredients laboratory.
Anti-oxidant support - Anti-oxidants guard against free radical damage.
They conclude: "A small daily treat of dark chocolate may substantially increase the amount of anti-oxidant intake and beneficially affect vascular health
The chemical compound in the sprouts is sulforaphane, an anti-oxidant that attacks the bacterium in its earliest stages of growth.
Body mask: This is an organic body mask containing active vegetable ingredients, with anti-oxidant and toning effects.
First Defence Advanced Anti-Oxidant Lotion and Cream SPF15 is designed to protect the skin against dehydration and the effects of pollution.
More studies are demonstrating that, in contrast to the general beliefs of most cancer doctors, anti-oxidant vitamins and supplements can be supportive to the patient receiving chemotherapy and radiation therapy and may actually improve outcome, both in terms of decreased ide effects and enhanced impact on the destruction of cancer cells.
The most popular anti-aging regimen, practiced by millions of Americans, is to pop anti-oxidant vitamin and mineral pills.
Healthy snacking can help you to eat more fruits and vegetables and keep anti-oxidant levels high.