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Caption: Earlier last decade, MBDA examined the possibility of developing an anti-radar variant of its Meteor beyond-visual-range air-to-air missile.
The particles can be suspended in a solvent to form effective anti-radar coating or blended in a moldable matrix.
75-inch rockets to 10-inch diameter hypersonic anti-radar missiles, to 5-inch diameter air-to-air missiles, to 1-inch bomb fuzes, to foreign military system evaluation.
These include the MBDA's BGL 1000 laser-guided bomb, Armat anti-radar missile, AM39 anti-ship missile, rocket launchers, Apache standoff weapon and the stealthy cruise missile, SCALP.
PALMDALE - Northrop Grumman has come up with a new anti-radar coating designed to reduce maintenance time for B-2 stealth bombers.
It can carry a wide range of stores including the Air-Launched Anti-Radar Missile (ALARM) and Paveway II and II laser-guided bombs.
intelligence agencies have observed Chinese forces with Israeli-made anti-radar weapons moving them close to the coast opposite Taiwan, The Washington Times reported on Tuesday.
Payload: Air-to-air missiles, anti-ship missiles, anti-radar missiles, laser-guided bombs, smart bombs and dumb bombs.
Brinkley pointed out the direct connection between some of these companies and NATO's war in Yugoslavia: "Boeing and Raytheon produce the cruise missiles that have devastated Belgrade; Raytheon also makes HARM anti-radar missiles, while Boeing makes the Apache helicopter.
Israeli planes then launched Shrike anti-radar missiles set to those frequencies and sent Wolf ground-launched missiles behind them.
the leading provider of passive, anti-radar and red-light camera products, today announced a limited, free distribution of a breakthrough GPS-based database that locates and warns drivers about stationary red-light and speed cameras as well as traditional speed trap locations.
The development and production of decoy munitions for the Israeli Navy is very much in the hands of Rafael, which supplies a complete range of products including the Long-Range Chaff Rocket (LRCR), the Medium-Range Chaff Rocket (MRCR), the BT-4 short range chaff rocket, the Heatrap IR decoy and the Wideband Zapping Anti-Radar Decoy (Wizard).
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