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AVAdult Video
AVAnalog Video
AVAvenue (ESRI ARCview Scripting Language)
AVAccess Violation
AVAdded Value
AVAlternative Vote (UK politics; election method)
AVAltaVista (search engine)
AVAir Vehicle
AVAperture Value
AVAortic Valve
AVAnti-Virus Vendor
AVArcView (ESRI software)
AVAliso Viejo (California)
AVAd Valorem (tax)
AVAlterac Valley (World of Warcraft gaming)
AVAeroVironment, Inc (Monrovia, CA)
AVAlgemene Vergadering (Dutch: General Assembly; Netherlands)
AVAll Views
AVActive Voice
AVAir Valve
AVArmored Vehicle
AVAmerigo Vespucci
AVAlta Verapaz (Guatemala, territorial division)
AVAssurance Vieillesse (French: Pension Insurance)
AVAero Vodochody (Czech Republic)
AVArtificial Vagina
AVApproval Voting (election voting systems)
AVAviation Maintenance Technician (USN Rating)
AVAerospace Vehicle
AVAction Verb
AVAbsolute Virtue (Final Fantasy XI gaming)
AVAccess Verification (Sprint)
AVAirborne Virus
AVAutomatic Voice Network
AVAerial Victory
AVAllocation Vector
AVAuxiliary Vector
AVAmes Waltzer
AVAfrican Views (Hoboken, NJ)
AVAbrasion Value (engineering/geology)
AVAttack/Vertical (military aircraft designation)
AVAir Variant (simulation model for ground warfare)
AVArchitecture Verification
AVAssault Vertical
AVAvionics Verification
AVAufenthaltsvertrag (treaty concerning foreign forces in Germany, 1954)
AVAirspace Viewing
AVAutovoice (IRC)
AVAssessable Value
AVAttribute-Value (Cisco)
AVAsociación de Vecinos (Spanish: Neighbors Association)
AVAssessed Value
AVAsset Value
AVAvellino, Campania (Italian province)
AvAvestan (linguistics)
AVAvianca (Aerovias del Continente Americano) Colombian Airline
AVSeaplane Tender
AVAsset Visibility
AVArtificial Vision
AVAuthorized Version (same as King James Version) of the Bible
AVAuto Vent
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The strategy of anti-virus software shifted from one of passivity to one of activity.
By consolidating proven anti-spam technology from Brightmail and anti-virus technology from Sophos, IronPort reduces the hardware required to build out a robust, secure SMTP perimeter.
The user, of course, has the option to turn off the anti-virus program, but we do not recommend it.
Most virus writers stop when they grow up, get a girlfriend or a real job,'' said Fridrik Skulason, the president of Frisk Software International, an anti-virus software company in Iceland.
So a Anti-Virus Toolkit provides an array of virus protection tools for Windows 95, 3.
To achieve ICSA Labs Anti-Virus Certification, products must meet all criteria in the desktop/server anti-virus detection module and, if selected, the anti-virus cleaning module.
The proliferation of spam, combined with our existing customers' increasing desire to receive anti-virus and anti-spam protection from the same source, means that now is a very strategic time for us to expand into spam filtering," said Peter Lammer, founder and joint CEO of Sophos.
In addition to the simple steps mentioned above--installing anti-virus programs and keeping them up-to-date--Lee recommends that you install a firewall program (see accompanying Glossary), which is a guard that locks down a computer so someone else cannot access it.
Examples of this kind of software are Datawatch Virex for Macintosh, Norton Anti-Virus for DOS/Windows and OS/2, Symantec Anti-Virus for the Macintosh (known as SAM), IBM Antivirus for DOS/Windows and OS/2, and McAfee VirusScan for DOS, Windows and OS/2.
Kaspersky Anti-Virus Mobile includes an antivirus database update feature which ensures that the smartphone is protected against the latest malicious programs.
The Aladdin-Kaspersky partnership brings together eSafe's award-winning proactive technology with Kaspersky Anti-Virus, one of the most respected virus protection suites.
According to research from industry-leading anti-virus companies and leading analysts, the Microsoft Windows Vista[TM] operating system is susceptible to some of the most common virus and malware threats due to issues with its user access controls and inability to detect some common viruses.