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ÄOÄlykkyysosamäärä (Finnish: Intelligence Quotient)
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See Staff, AntiOnline Spotlight: Microsoft Metadata Forensics, ENTERPRISE IT PLANET, Mar.
The website of one security company, AntiOnline, is continuously targeted by hackers.
Perhaps the best description of hacking, however, is attributed to John Vranesevich, founder of AntiOnline (an online security Web site with a close eye on hacker activity).
If you're interested in seeing what the "bad guys" use, AntiOnline.
AntiOnline -- Hackers know the weaknesses in your system.
The Net's premier security information website AntiOnline was forever banging on about being alert - and had the front page replaced by a rant against founder John Vranesevich.
Visit AntiOnline for a wide range of security and hacking information, including the Fight Back section, which is written in a very helpful Q&A format.
They're responsible for breaking into dozens of sites including the White House,'' John Vranesevich, founder of AntiOnline, a suburban Pittsburgh group that tracks hackers.
YOU can't fault the hackers for persistence either - it took NINE MILLION attempts, admit AntiOnline, but someone called "n1nor" last week finally hacked the website which boasted it was unhackable.